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I have knowledge in FM, Engineering, OHS, Environmental, Risk, Governance and compliance.

I am working in the Data Centres in Standard Bank. My typical work day starts early morning whilst there is little movement in the office, during this time I catch up with e mails and plan my day. I maintain good relationships with all people at all times to allow a productive working environment. I have learned to respect, trust and to be honest with all people in the organisation, as this will ensure that people will cooperate with you on all levels. I enjoy finishing a quality project in time. The most challenging scenario is to engage with staff in Africa regions in terms of on time delivery.

Pros: I engage with people in various areas of the orginisation i.e. SME’s In their field and gain a lot of experience across the business.
Cons: None

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Brilli learning experience

I started out at Standard bank as a learner, there I learnt a lot about delivering outcomes timeously and putting customers fist. I learnt that teamwork is very important in a successful business, and in delivering company goals. I enjoyed receiving appreciation from dealers and other stakeholders aftre delivering good service. Challenges would mostly come when outcomes are not given at expected time due to external factors that were beyond our control. Dissatisfied clients are not good for business.

Pros: Great learning curve
Cons: Gossiping and back stabing

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Good Communication easy to learn and grow your self

I am a peoples person ; love's to motivate people and help them grow. Working at Standard Bank was a greate opportunity for me to learn about the financial industry hence i worked long go grocery and clothing industries.

Pros: Growth
Cons: less working hours

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Good learning curve

Good learning curve to grow and learn new skills. A typical work day - Your relationship with co-workers Team on Indians who do not value knowledge sharing - What you have learnt Testing skills SAP - What you enjoy most - The most challenging aspects of the job Not knowing a specific skill and your colleagues do not value knowledge sharing.

Pros: Great opportunity start your career.
Cons: Colleagues who do not value knowledge sharing.

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Excellent learning curve

I am a consistent, hard working and highly motivated person. I have over 20 years experience in the financial services sector and have extensive experience in investment administration. I left my job of 21 years at Momentum for Standard Bank for personal growth. I thought the grass was greener on the other side. But it was not the case. I left Standard Bank after 1 year because of the working conditions. I didn’t feel valued as an employee, no work/life balance, staff were unhappy. I took a few months sabbatical and i’m currently seeking employment again. I’m looking for a career change in the finance sector and i’m willing to downgrade/pay cut.

Pros: Salary was great
Cons: No work/life balance

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Excellent working environment as a company

Customer Service Skills, Leadership skills Management skills. People management Presentation skills The level of authority, Working with Quality Assurance is great and taking ownership.

Pros: The ability to take my own decisions, building my team,working in teams,incentives
Cons: Lots of paper work, unable to catch up with new technology

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I can admit that learning never stops.

I can do the work and deliver exceptional result. I will opsfit in beautifully and be a great addition to the team I possess a combination of skills and experience that make me stand out from the crowd. I am currently unemployed and seeking. Working for Standard bank for the past 7 years, has been phenomenal and a learning curve.

Pros: Great opportunity for networking and expanding ones knowledge
Cons: Opportunities for promotion hard due to an enormous employee capacity

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Love working with people

Enjoy working Standard Bank. They know how to take care of their employees because we receive pension fund, medical aid. I enjoy working with people and also I'm a team player

Pros: Take care of their employess
Cons: Rude Customers

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Excellent learning curve

I have worked in a well known bank for 5 years.Learned a great amount in customer service and have worked with various colleagues over the years. I am a fast learner and an extensive team player.I work well independently and go the extra mile when allocated work. I am available immediately, should I be considered. My contact number is 0736219712 Kind regards Thato Mogoe

Pros: Great learning experience
Cons: No growth

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Excellent Learning curve

17 years is in the Data Centre Operations/Facilities environment. I have extensive experience in financial management, wrt setting up & controlling Budgets, both OPEX & CAPEX. My key strength is that I have experience/exposure in managing not only Data Centres but also Buildings/Campuses/Critical sites from bottom-up & top-down.Well organised work force.

Pros: Good Salary and Perk
Cons: Constant fear of Retrenchment

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