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Good learning curve

It's all good but I feel I need to utilise my qualifications and get a position that suits it, I would like to be with a company that will challenge me but accomodating at the same time there must be an opportunity to grow

Pros: Good opportunity for promotion
Cons: Reasonable working hours

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Working experience with the banking industry.

Work experience within the banking industry. The most challenging aspects of the job is definitely the high volumes of work as I personally deal with +- 40 vendors and all standard bank branches across 9 provinces of South Africa. I work well with my co-workers, there's a level of respect across the board and communication is very key, so we do very well under those key components. What I enjoy about the job, is the fact that I got a chance to communicate with a very large audience, be it telephonically or electronically but it has improved my communication skills a great deal. Having to solve queries daily from different candidates, has also sharpen up my style of resolving issues. I have learnt to be respectful, patient, cooperative, innovative and most importantly to deliver as expected on any project or my job as per my contract with the company.

Pros: Opportunities are there
Cons: As the job is volume driven, i turn to work long hours

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Corporate culture

Most of the employees are very friendly and helpful. They have a sense of togetherness. They are a family unit and do nice things for each other (I.e. babyshowers are greatly celebrated). Team building is a common thing, even if it's not a formal event. They encourage people to help each other, especially because we work in teams.

Pros: Useful experience
Cons: Lack of growth opportunities

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Competence and Relevance

I have been with Standard Bank for more than 15 years and i have been part of this wonderful journey. i have grown to be an aspirant analyst in business commercial banking space.

Pros: They care for Staff
Cons: too much work

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My typical working day

I do administration duties and technical duties . I do core banking duties. I relieve other departments. I work alone. sales are expected of me at the end of each day. I enjoy working without minimum supervision.

Pros: i do same job for more than 2 years
Cons: very long hours

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Excellent learning curve

Working at the Company where I'm currently is good, because you interact with people from different levels of knowledge. My colleagues are good, I like seen them when I come to work, we have boundaries on our relationships that we have to respect. I have learnt how to detect fraud, how to analyze transactions and when a customer is lying, I also learnt how to see if a certain Company is fraudulent or not. I enjoy the freedom that is given to us, because we adults and we do not have to be treated like kids. The most challenging aspect of my job is working at night, I do not like working at night.

Pros: Great Company
Cons: Not enough opportunities for promotion.

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Currently looking for a new and challenging position within the corporate sector.

Currently looking for a new and challenging position within the corporate sector, one which will make best use of existing skills and experience acquired in privately owned companies while enabling further personal and professional development.

Pros: Get to learn from different kinds of people because I love working with people
Cons: Need another challenge

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Excellent learning

to work in the company is to gain experience. get along with people from different cultures. working long hours. cleaning the room close to 16 room pay day, is a tough 1 but we push our self to finish it. we learn that there is challenging job out there but all you have to do is to push your self to finish the job before you go home. the relationship with our co-workers is good one because if you don't do the job proper the will teach you how to do the job. sometimes when we go for lunch we go together and they gave us free food. but it depends on the company as we were working at the hotel. it was enjoyable day. I learn that sometimes job can be hard sometimes can be easy. all you have to do is to work and at the end of the day you will finish it. month end you get paid. Thank you

Pros: great opportunity to get experience
Cons: long working hours

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Excellent learning curve

A professional with 1 year+ working experience in IT environment and a graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology with majors programming, operating systems, database systems and information systems. I’m currently working as a Developer for Standard Bank with Praesignis (Pty) Ltd. Possesses excellent IT project management and programming skills. Knowledge in software development in Java, C#, C++ and Visual Basic, Web development (ASP.net, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP with MySQL), Microsoft office, Knowledge Database with SQL Server 2008 R2 and 2014, Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Technical IT support. Design and development of databases with a strength in MS SQL Server (DB design, optimisation, tuning, stored procedures, triggers, views, etc.), Solid understanding of T-SQL and SQL design principles

Pros: skills development
Cons: I am the contractor

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Customer service

Assist clients with financial queries, assist with self service channels, manage the queues in every department and manage reception.Assist in other departments when impacted and assist customers at the arms.

Pros: No growth in my space
Cons: No recognition

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