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It's a great company to work for and has great values for clients. I relate well with my Colleagues and subordinates but I mostly enjoy interacting and solutioning for clients needs. I have learnt that, without our clients and having in-depth knowledge of what's happening in their businesses, my business would not grow. Furthermore, people are a greatest resource which must be nurtured and respected as they are the front line to providing great service, if they are happy, our customers will be happy. I enjoy the fact that my position allows me to make decisions without relying to the Head Office and the most challenging aspect of my job is when you know the clients business so well but some decisions to Grant credit must be reffered to a Credit Manager who has no clue about the business or industry.

Pros: Great Relations built with customers and you learn everyday
Cons: At times, extensive travelling

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General review

The company stands for what they are and that is moving forward. If you would like to be given an opportunity either within the department or your team to make your working environment a fun place, it is always reviewed. Everyone works as 1 team to deliver to our customers and ensure that the query is resolved. Growth is a personal mind set you have to have for yourself and you will always be recognized for all your efforts.

Pros: Great working environment
Cons: Working hours and working weekends

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im a very hard working young woman currently working in a financial institution

Good day To whom it may concern im a very hard working young woman currently working in a financial institution i did an aviation course just broaden my knowledge

Pros: working under pressure
Cons: working in an environment with no growth

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Customer service consultant

Address : 22a Grafton and webb Yeoville , Johannesburg 2196 Date : 04/03/2019 Company : Standard bank Position : Customer Consultant

Pros: non
Cons: 8.5 hours per day Monday to Saturday

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Fast learning, good leader, great team player

Standard Bank Call Centre Agent 23 October 2013 – Currently retrenched as at 20 March 2019 Duties: Self Service Banking and Secured Lending (Internet Banking, Cell phone Banking, Credit card, Home Loans, VAF) • Register potential clients on internet banking and explaining all the privileges of having the facility available to them. • I ensure that they are comfortable with the product and facility • Dealing with queries • Client Satisfaction is maintained. • I ensure that I follow laid down processes and procedures at all times.

Pros: Great oppportunity for promotion
Cons: Working long hours

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I like the fact that ever since I started working for standard bank, I have grown in terms of customer experience, customer service, how to treat customers and how to keep customers within the bank and also attracting new customers in other for the business to grow. I like the fact that we given opportunities to grow and learn more products which lets us as staff member to me marketable . thank you

Pros: Growth
Cons: more hactic hours

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Perfect place to gain more experience and grow

a typical work day is when I cannot meet my deadlines I have a good relationship my co worker I have learnt to be more patient with the clients,understand client need I I have gained strong confident of facing customers in the branch.

Pros: grow
Cons: no cons

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Excellent learning curve

I learnt a lot by working for standard bank accounts Every day was different. Stopping of cards, opening fraud cases, assisting customers every way you can. My favorite was the elderly, they were very relaxed wanting to learn about there accout.

Pros: Great company to work with
Cons: Working hours were not the best

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I have developed people skill.communication. and working in a team when I was with standardbank

Over the past 18 months I have learn people skills as well as communication skill .including working in teams and people around me..i have truly developed as person and im.able to cope with pressure and meet targets..i.enjoy helping people and solving complex situation I.always make client satisfaction a priority.whats challenging about my job is that you meat different people and each has a different personality so u can't always use the same approach wen helping the client..you are required to.be creative and flexible

Pros: Yyy
Cons: Yyyyh

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Working as a Bulk Teller taught me to be honest when dealing with customers money

Im a great communicator,great team player,i enjoy interacting with my customers,working for a bank taught me the importance of being honest.And I also learned how to multitask during month end rush.

Pros: I saw opportunities,they provide training to helps employees to have more knowledge
Cons: Banks are now going digital meaning it will cut more jobs in the near future

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