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Great benefits but no work life balance. Culture not great

Long hours Fear culture Command and control Unreasonable expectations Great benefits No room for error Favouritism Unethical processes ..................................................................

Pros: Benefits
Cons: Hours

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Excellent learning environment

it's hard work the more workyou Putin the easier it get,had an excellent team who understood where I come from,driven team that always assisted each other when it came to business matters.I've learnt to be patient,I've enjoyed team building activities it made the tea connect together on.not just a work ing situation but personal aswell.most challenging aspect is serving all customer at month end as there is a huge crowd of people needing our assistance

Pros: experience
Cons: more work

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Excellent growth

This has been an excellent opportunity to grow and i took full advantage of the time. It help me reach goals i set for myself People management has greate measures and structures in place

Pros: 1 the e posure to the market. 2 The company deals with various products and sectors and allows individuals the freedom to learn about it and be exposed to them
Cons: Start off Remuneration is still decided on by management which may cause the problems wherebsomenindividuals earn a higher salary than others

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Great company but limited opportunities for growth for black people

Learnt a lot from the company from excel skills, legal documents, communications to customer relations skills Well paying company based on position compared to people in the same position in other banks Limited opportunities for growth for black people, people applied endlessly on the internal jobs portal and they do not get any opportunities even for an interview

Pros: Great working enviroment
Cons: Lack of opportunities for growth

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Excellent Experience gained

A stringent working environment with strict regulations A trusting and well respected relationship between employers Learned receptionist skills, multitasking, telling, basic customer enquirers and the selling of products and offering excellent customer services. Presenting meetings to educate staff on aspects regarding customer satisfaction on a weekly basis I’ve enjoyed learning knew tasks and gaining new responsibilities The most challenging aspect of work was the pressure at first with dealing with multiskilling however I am a painstaking individual and as time went by I managed to conquer those challenges

Pros: Great working hours
Cons: High risk environment

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Human Resources generalist

I'm a HR generalist with a wealth of experience that I've gained from working for organisations like Momentum, Metropolitan sand Standard Bank.Im currently looking for different industry experience as well as a position that will offer me growth opportunities. Thank you Regards Zinhle Gumede

Pros: Learned a lot in relation to Employment Relations
Cons: No promotion opportunity

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Excellent working environment as a company

Customer Service Skills, Leadership skills Management skills. People management Presentation skills The level of authority, Working with Quality Assurance is great and taking ownership.

Pros: The ability to take my own decisions, building my team,working in teams,incentives
Cons: Lots of paper work, unable to catch up with new technology

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I can admit that learning never stops.

I can do the work and deliver exceptional result. I will opsfit in beautifully and be a great addition to the team I possess a combination of skills and experience that make me stand out from the crowd. I am currently unemployed and seeking. Working for Standard bank for the past 7 years, has been phenomenal and a learning curve.

Pros: Great opportunity for networking and expanding ones knowledge
Cons: Opportunities for promotion hard due to an enormous employee capacity

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Love working with people

Enjoy working Standard Bank. They know how to take care of their employees because we receive pension fund, medical aid. I enjoy working with people and also I'm a team player

Pros: Take care of their employess
Cons: Rude Customers

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Challenging workplace

I am a problem solver. work well in teams work independently without micro management great inter personal skills I have good leadership skills able to adapt to new environments. able to adjust to challenges that I may come across I have excellent customer service

Pros: constantly improving process for better customer experience
Cons: fast working conditions

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