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It was really an excellent working curve

It is quit a nice working environment We engage with colleagues we work have fun Most challenge is month end when call volume goes high it's risky because you get tired and you are bound to make mistakes

Pros: Great opportunity to learn
Cons: Long working hours

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Top performer

Sales and marketing skills. Negotiotion skilles, Business and financial analysis. Credit application motivation. Industry analysis, new business sales.

Pros: Opportunity for promotion
Cons: Long working hours

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Excellent learning curve

On a daily basis, I check my emails, and Jira and do follow-ups on issues raised or business requirements. I work in an agile environment where I sit next to a developer, business analyst and tech lead.

Pros: Great work environment
Cons: Change is not encouraged

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Excellent learning curve

Working at standard bank was great, I learnt how to resolve complaints and to work with clients . I learnt how to work under pressure and deliver on and meet deadlines, I learnt to be customer centric. Working there was indeed a great learning curve .

Pros: Chances of promotion are less
Cons: Long working hours

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Working at Standard Bank

I have worked at Standard Bank for almost 5 years, during this time I have learned so much around customer service. I have received a number of compliments from customers and co workers even from management for the great customer service I give. I dealt with social media complaints, normal cash out queries, accounts reconciliation and merchant relationship. What I found challenging about my job was when I had to deliver "not so good" news to the customer when I failed to resolve their query due to other factors beyond my control. I enjoyed it when I was able to fully deliver to the customer and even beyond their expectations.

Pros: The benefits are great, working hours manageable
Cons: not so much opportunities to grow

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I have learned a lot and still want to learn more if opportunity given.

I ma willing to learn as much as I can to grow my career in the bank and I have completed my First Aid certificate and went for the workshop of gettingdigiwithit which was helpful to me when assisting customers with the app, internet bankng.snap scan and shyft. I enrolled myself at Milpark Education for 2019 January in order for me to get my qualification in banking and also pushing myself to write RE5 on 28 January 2019.

Pros: When you work hard and shows interest on what you doing you are appreciated and received beyond excellent voucher.
Cons: Working hours a fine challenge is when you do not meet your sales target as you accountable on helping consultant with hot leads.

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Excellent learning curve and great opportunity for growth

I carry 7 year of professional work experience with high level of integrity, high level of compliance and account to details and doing the right thing the first time with a final perfomance appraisal of Fully met and consistently carrying myself in such manner and being a team player to make sure my team members produce excellent results as per expectation

Pros: High level of professionalism
Cons: Little or no time for family

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Highly competitive

Good teamwork Client centricity focused Constantly changing credit issues Quality leads sourcing Retentions difficult due to pricing Communication overload Slow system response Great reward incentives where you have been recognized to be a High performer

Pros: Great reward incentives
Cons: Too many systems

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Nikita Rajkaran

A true people person, Nikita Rajkaran has spent the last 10 years of her professional life within the Financial Services / Commercial Industry, employing knowledge gained through completion of a BCom Degree and Sales Training, towards building practical abilities and business skills. Soon to complete an LLB, Nikita aims to make a move into the Legal Sphere, bringing with her diverse skill-set that meets industry needs and requirements. An energetic, motivated and highly organised individual, Nikita is able to facilitate compliance and manage risk (financial and asset) across various business areas.

Pros: Good Company with good benefits
Cons: Culture is department specific - inconsistent

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Excellent opportunities

Excellent opportunities, great working environment. Every day something new to learn, great leaders. Colleagues become family. Equally important. Respect. Responsibilities shared. Communication is key.

Pros: Excellent opportunities
Cons: Hard work

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