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Excellent learning curve

Proffesional company copporate and has team building.All is we work hard and make sure all its running well keeping out clients and user happy at all times

Pros: Great oppoturnity
Cons: Normal hours

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A great start to learn how to engage with customers.

Long queues during pay days, gives us the opportunity to cross-sell our products. On a normal day, i get to attend customer queries and help illiterate customers at the ATMs. We are a small branch and its easy to get along with with everyone. I have learnt that, hard work goes a long way and shortcuts will only take you a step or two back. I have learnt to step out of my comfort zone at work , roll up my sleeves and get the job done by any means necessary; not to fall back because you cannot handle a task on hand but to ask my colleagues when i require help. I enjoy it when my leads get converted to sales and making customers happy for solving their problems. The biggest challenge of my job is selling products. I didn't get trained on how to approach a sales conversation, to be convincing and also to handle disappointments that put you down when a customer tells you "No".

Pros: Great opportunity to gain client experience
Cons: Limited room for growth

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Good company , needed growth

standard bank is a great compan to work for , the people are great , team work and honest was our policy we lived by. challengies were there, but as a team will find a way to resolve them. i have learned so such in teams of systems and work ethics.

Pros: new invironment
Cons: contact base

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Ability to multi-task • Quick learner • Strong Team player

I am a dedicated and reliable person who is well organized and able to work under pressure and tight conditions. I am able to work as an individual and also in a team. The company that i worked for taught me to live the values which one of them is respecting co-workers, and respecting their views without judging, i have learned to do what i'm supposed to do even under pressure, prioritize and keeping customers information confidential.i enjoyed having buddies and competing among each other in order to reach our goals and in that way it taught me to understand the co workers in a personal and work space, we also had team build the momentum and the team spirit so that we can be renewed mentally and physical to be able to manage to get all that we supposed to do in order The below serves as the key competencies that i have learned through my experience with other companies including Standard bank, i My position challenge me on a daily bases since i meet different people with different personalities

Pros: team Leader position
Cons: overtimes

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Working Environment

From time to time work could be a lot challenging especially when short staff we try and work in teams most of the time and also be flexible, to up skill as well in different departments.

Pros: None
Cons: Difficulty in training various skils and roles

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Excellent learning curve

It was my first time to work at the information technology department of Financial Institution. What I I liked with the company is their culture. It is a company that has a diverse workforce up and including disabled, LGBIT and Foreigners. Though there was no clear suceccion plan for most is the middle managers, opportunities available in other business units were properly and promptly communicated and advice given by senior management on how to position yourself for that specific opportunity.

Pros: None
Cons: None

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Gained the relevant working experience

Working at Standard Bank helped me gain the experience to boost my career in the information technology industry. Building virtual and physical Servers. Working Hyper-V and VMware. Troubleshooting various server operating systems. Incident reporting. Documentation. Troubleshooting network related issues with windows servers.

Pros: Learning new information every day
Cons: Drifting away from the actual work assigned to me.

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Well experience.

I enjoy working for standard bank if it was not the retrenchment part of it i would definitely remain with the company. I have learned a lot from my team for the past three years in the Randburg branch not a single day i am regretting to have met such people. The challenging part of my work is dealing with angry client but i have learned that if you are calm and put yourself in the client shoes you will understand and you will be able to assist the client in a good way.

Pros: Standard bank is a great company they give you opportunities each year you would go for a course meaning they upskill you.
Cons: Working from 08:00 to 6:00

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Good learning curve

Standard bank is a really great company to work for. They have great benefits and you get discount rates for banking with them as an employee. I enjoyed the challenge of doing bank reconciliations because of the investigation and also the pressure and fast pace that was necessary, especially at month end or yearly administration deadlines.

Pros: Great benefits
Cons: Not much growth in that specific area

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Excellent learning curve

I have daily reviews of our performance with regard to stipulated goals and I consistently work with my team to achieve the goals. In instances where I see obstacles to achieving the goals , I look at a bigger picture and engage the relevant stakeholders for an identified obstacles. I am solution orientated and passionate about helping customers reach their aspirations and engage credit division in most cases to provide solution to complex credit problems. I appreciate growth in the organisation and the company has invested knowledge in banking that has equiped me to face any financial company.

Pros: Better remuneration compared to peers in the industry
Cons: Limited promotion

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