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Great working experience and team unity

Working here has brought different challenges such as learning to interact with different personalities and learning to cope under immense challenging situations. Everyday brings new challenges but I enjoy the company of my team

Pros: growth opportunity
Cons: flexible working hours

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Great career parth

I'm a foreign exchange teller I love what I do My team is the best we nail on targets that's being set out for us during the day We balance at a top speed But the only thing is there's no growth in my working environment -since I've been at the cash centre I learned how to deal with customer service and how to be helpful towards a client

Pros: Excellent opportunity for growth
Cons: Shifts

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with my 16 years facilities experience and background I fill I am the right candidate.


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FNB Home Loans Excellence

-Team work is essential -Multi departmental learning and growth -Multi skilling and product management -System testing and product manipulation -Reports and daily planning to reduce and meet SLA's -Title Deed recalls and document management -Bond Cancellation Figure Calculation The most challenging aspect of this job is the client interactions after the incorrect information was given to them. Managing Attorney cancellation periods to cancel the mortgage bond within 90days of issuing cancellation figuires.

Pros: Learning how system development and innovation build FNB
Cons: Poor peoples Management

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-Working hours is from 8 to 16:30, have to reach a target daily -maintain accounts of fnb clients -have a great relationship with co-workers, helpful and team player -we have team building once a month -Ive learnt alot from the technical point of view to the workplace point of view for e.g. to be a team player, help each other, socialise to a certain extend. In terms of system, i understand excel, word and learned how to type faster than the usual, understand the system fully. -i enjoy be driven because it makes me excel and be the best of my ability -maintain and dealing with top clients

Pros: Knowledge
Cons: Workplace issues

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Birnam business college

I am passionate and willing to learn new things in.my career path.Patient spirit,smart worker and a good listerner.I can easily adapt to people,take institutions and orders with an open mind plus deliver at all times..

Pros: I can work under any condition as long as we respect one another and respect each others opinion with a clear mind..
Cons: respect and not take each other for granted

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Customer Service experience

My job involved working with people on a daily basis, working in teams and face to face interaction with customers. I have learned that customer service is the foundation of a business to succeed. My working environment was competitive and challenging in terms of reaching monthly targets. I mostly enjoyed our morning meeting discussing the daily planning to improve our output to customers.

Pros: networking and continuosly learning
Cons: long working hours

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Hard working, comitted, Ambitious and can work well within a team

Good day, I believe its very important to have a great relationship with your colleagues and peers. Most of your time or day, you are at work and you should make it as pleasant as possible, for yourself and those around you. Team work is important, as well as self-development. I am currently studying toward a diploma in Cost and Management accounting, so I believe, its always good to have the passion and drive to always be willing to learn.

Pros: Willing to learn, to go the extra mile, and always avail myself when the need arises to work overtime.
Cons: n/a

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Excellent working curve

communication with clients via telephone or email , populating of documents ,maintenance on business accounts , assist certain colleagues if they require any help regarding work , i have learn to be patience with people as i have realized each and every one has different personalty , i enjoy understanding my work and reaching the given target,the most challenging aspect of my job is calling clients and explaining what type of documents are required and receiving little information regarding the current position that time

Pros: great opportunity in working in a different environment
Cons: not having process

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Good by business communication skills development

I Have learnt so much Business skills Problem solving skills Dicision making skills and Im a strong and dedicated candidate whose always up for challenges

Pros: Growth opportunities
Cons: Working during holidays

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