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Fraud investigator
I started working at Absa in 2012 as an ATM Claims Agent. Shortly afterwards, I started working as Fraud Analyst in Internet Banking Fraud and have been in the department to do. As part of my role, I engage with management, team members where we share best practise ideas, and with customers giving feedback on cases of fraud and explaining the process in detail, as I believe that customer relations form the basis of any business. In my line of work, professionalism is key and I display a high level of integrity in everything I do. My role has exposed me to different facets of the business and I have gained emotional maturity that is required to empathise with clients without compromising on professionalism. I enjoy engaging with customers and providing them with the best service at all times.
pros: I guess we all want growth but for me its more of perfecting my current role then move within so i will know and perfect when and if the importunity what i will be doing.
cons: when you love what you doing and want to give the best service extra hours will never be a problem.
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Very challenge environment
Meeting monthly sales targets Bringing in new client to the Business maintaining a good relationship with the clients Collaborate well with my collegues Handling of customers complaints and solution them accordingly
pros: Very good career path for growth
cons: Long working hours
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Extensive knowledge in sales
I have build stable and sustainable relationships with customers. I have the ability to adapt to new ideas and create a positive work spirit with fellow colleagues. I have acquired exceptional expertise in dealing with customer complains. I am always willing to learn new ways and improving on skills,knowledge. I have acquired extensive knowledge in capturing client credit applications and giving proper feedback. Promoting the image of the business by complying to policies and procedures.
pros: Opportunity to growth
cons: Overtime not payed
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Great Corporate Culture
I work in a structured environment. I love working with my team, everyday is a learning experience for me. The most challenging aspects of the role is the extensive traveling and the long hours on the road.
pros: In charge of my own development and performance
cons: Traveling
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Excellent learning
i currently don't work but the working there was nothing but of great pleasure. the person i worked under was understanding and helped were help was needed. on day to day basis i would lock in at 8 and answer calls from different clients and help with their different needs as i was a customer service client, i enjoyed working with co-workers as i'm a peoples person, i learned a lot about being patient as i didn't have that in me and most of all the really loved helping the different clients that called in on a daily basis.
pros: great environment for growth
cons: long working hours
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I have been working as an independent consultant since leaving ABSA for the past 18 months.
I am currently running a consolidation and revamp project for Liberty Life Head office. I was brought in by DEC as an independent consultant to run this project for them. I do this with a full professional team of consultants. We are about to conclude the business case to be presented to the board which would then make a decision on the project.
pros: The work is very interesting and cutting egde as were are designing for the introduction of a paradiphm shift interms of a workign culture
cons: The work is dependent on the business case being approved by Liberty
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Excellent learning experience
Working for ABSA/ Barclays from the year 2011 has taught me great things. I have acquired so many different skills. I am more confident in myself, I know that there is nothing that i cannot do if I just put my heart soul and mind to it. I have learnt how to deal with customers over the phone, face to face and even irate clients. I am now able to master the art of working under pressure and meeting deadlines. I have excellent admin skills. i am able to work both in a team and individually. I now have the skills to be a Personal assistant, team assistant, ability to service multiple people at the same time providing support and structure. I maintain high quality relationships with colleagues and customers. I enjoy being challenged and reaping the rewards of well and hard earned worked. My job was stressful in a way that every process had a deadline and within that time all information needed to be collected and thoroughly checked. By doing this i acquired a high level of attention to detail.
pros: Great opportunity to acquire knowledge in a stressful environment as well as how to adjust
cons: Growth in the company is very slow
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