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I have gained knowledge and experience and don't regret working for the institution

My experience with Vodacom was very brilliant and motivating, with my work that was a chalenge everyday but was managing so well as I was well equipped to deal with any challenge, and my relationship was always professional from my line management and subordinates, and I enjoyed assisting our customers and I have learnt that customer is a king of our business, and challenges were day today issue but I was able to resolve any challenge be it internal or external without forgetting all boils down to the type of relationship that one has with all stakeholders.

Pros: Learning new things everyday and promotions
Cons: To be limited on decision making due to processes I place

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I work at vodacom as a sales marketing to registee the simcard,selling them and promoting vodacom phones im good in markerting i know my job more than anything and i take my job serious all the time im a hard worker,i learned a lot and it helps me so that when i get another job i can do well is a good experience for me.

Pros: promotion
Cons: 7hrs

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Enjoyable field

I find it very interesting to be working for Vodacom. I learn a lot everyday and I have a very good relationship with my colleagues. We work as a team and we help each other where necessary.

Pros: Great oppotunuty for growth
Cons: A bit difficult to go to work

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Hardworking and growth

I am a hard worker. I like dealing with custoners and I can. Accepted any challenge. I always strive to improve myself and the company. Improving the company is what I am known for and I have a lot of ideas.

Pros: Everything
Cons: Travelling

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Excellent environment

working at Vodacom its a great opportunity for my growth individually my relationship with my co-worker its great we like family we care for each other as it is what we promote at work and that's what we do I have learnt to work under pressure as we work with client that we need to give care and appreciate them everyday I enjoy the environment and communicating with different clients that makes your day and encourage you to keep on working smart ..the most changing aspects to keep client happy due to that some you have to give them that disappointing answer with a polite and caring tone .

Pros: we promote care to our clients
Cons: long working hours

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It very good company once you in it you learn and you leave you serve

it is one of the best place to work in and it very interesting because you learn a lot once you enter the doors of the company, it is very good in communication, the co-workers are friendly and every one of them always put a smile and that show that they love this company and their jobs

Pros: The great opportunity
Cons: 8 hour a day

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Customer expirence or care makes a sale.

I am a determined professional, always willing to learn new things, ready to take on challenges and therefore I think that this position can build my career prospects. Good sales are not only good results but to achieve a good sale its important to understanding the client’s underlying needs not just wants to develop a long term relationship and not merely achieve a short term gain

Pros: Learning new things everyday, opportunity for growth, a salary
Cons: Not everyday is the same

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Excellent time management

My role encompasses setting the strategic organisational projects together with engineering planning team and taking ownership of the strategic execution of these projects within my area of responsibility and /or business unit. Communicating the overarching project strategic objectives and the company’s values and vision. Keep the senior executive’s team informed on the important factors influencing the project, relevant trends that impacts future strategy and the operational plans and capital budget. Manage performance against project’s operational and strategic goals, ensuring that project activities comply with organisational requirements and legal stipulations. I am a motivated individual with specific experience in Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications/Mobile Telecommunication Network infrastructure, Optic Fibre Cable routes build/Roll-out, civil works executions and IT industry/DCI infrastructure (ICT).

Pros: Great opportunity for career growth
Cons: Used to working under extreme pressure condition

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Great learning experience

Working at the Vodacom shop is busy, one of the busiest stores of Vodacom in Gauteng. Never a day that the store isn't full. Co-workers are great people. Very professional. Easy to work with. Great team players. I have learnt patience, different ways of approaching different customers. The different markets. I've learnt ways to sell. Admin work, dealing with computers and certain systems daily. What I enjoy the most are the clients and the group I work with. Never a dull moment. The most challenging aspects of say are keeping clients happy. Sometimes things can go wrong and clients get very upset but there is no room for error. We get it sorted out ASAP.

Pros: Good learning experience
Cons: Hours

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Stock taking,staff schedule,staff meeting,banking,stock order and receiving,open and closing,daily report,sales,targets,customer service,customer complains,promotions

Pros: Deal with promotions,customers,complains,store ,staff
Cons: 9-19

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