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My current team dynamics are very good. We have great working relationships with each other. Working hours are pleasant and working from home is flexible, which is a plus.

Pros: Working from home
Cons: Office location

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Excellent experience given for long term purpose

Good day My basic day includes, general duties in the morning. Power circle, teamwork. Catching up on some admin. Team building. Planning my strategy out for the day as to what I'm going to do differently today.

Pros: Great commission if worked hard for it
Cons: Some days the store is quite

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Learning new methodologies

Able to learn new methodologies and able to perform automation for mobile devices using appium framework.i had worked on agile scrum methodology so I participated in every meeting and we all team members would participate in team meetings so I can able to maintain good relationship with co-workers and able to understand the testing artifacts.

Pros: Great opportunity of working on new domain
Cons: Nothing

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Great experience

It a great company to work for, provide lots of techniques and learning. Development skills are available and too many opportunities to grow within the industry.

Pros: Great learning experience
Cons: Standby and extra hours

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I manage to cover all task that are related to marketing management I enjoy communication My relationship with my colleques is perfect The challenges that I have overcome is to have customers that are not easily convinced and that have anger while they don't want to listen.

Pros: Great opportunity for promotion
Cons: 8 hours

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Excellent learning curve

Vodacom is a good company to what to be in It is a company which practice agility a lot. The environment welcomes you well ,help you adjust.The relationship between co workers is good. every Thursday they have meeting to discuss what they have reached. I have learned communication skills ,optimization of New site, Neighbour addition. I also learned how to analysis trial using software such as actics and sonar.I did customer care where I resolved customers issues and also was able to use several software used in Vodacom. It is a good telecommunication company where there is so much opportunities for growth in different categories.

Pros: Good opportunity for growth
Cons: long hours

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A very good place to grow in your skills

I have work at Merchants (Vodacom as a customer service assist customers with different types of products over the the phone. Customers will be calling in and assist them with query like sim swap,accounts payments, airtime upgrades new lines or old,data and many more. I enjoy working there because every day is a new challenge assist difficult customers with different products but at the end I have to have the solution for them. At Vodacom we work as a team and help each other but is very fast paced environment to work in. Always you have to think outside the box so the customers can be happy..

Pros: Great opportunity to work
Cons: Long ours

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Project managemet for nfastructure .. .

management experience and network project management experience and network infastructure build for telecommunications industry. Total Quality management and rollout of turnkey civil projects maintenance infrastructure. The work environment is corporate and allows for personal growth in all respects of life. The Project timelines provided sustainable pressure for good reasons of meeting targets as set out in the Work Breakdown Structure and project plan. .

Pros: Great career prospects
Cons: Far from home

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Excellent exposure to technology , service and people

A typical day a work is keeping in contact with current customers calling or visiting to either ensure all is well , to upgrade or offer new add ons . Working as a team is imperative for the success for unit , have to be able to communicate , share and build on ideas and strategies . During my time at the company i have learnt about the impact of the coming 4 industrial revolution , change , peoples wants , service delivery , I enjoy and feel fulfilled when i have a happy and satisfied customer. Most challenging aspects are when their is a breakdown in communication between myself , head office or help desk agents and clients .

Pros: Learn new stuff everyday , meet new people
Cons: Difficult to find time for family and friends ,

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I am an optimistimistic and a very realistic charecter that always outcome orientated

I am an optimistimistic and a very realistic charecter that always outcome orientated. I have kind heart and a good team player. I have a healthy relationship with my co-workers and we swe sometimes share information about ourselces even beyond the proffessional domain. This plays a big role in understanding each other's personal backgrounds before we can expect each to embrace the organosational culture. In my 13 years in the industry, I have learnt to respect respect my customers (internal and external). I enjoy acknowledgement after a noticeable archievement and knowing that I have earned any rewards without favours. The challenging is when I have to sacrifice family time for business. My greatest learning curve is when I risked my life to chase with a thief who broke into a company vehicle and stole a laptop, I then realised that the laptop could be replaced but my life cannot be.

Pros: I can afford better living and better education for my children.
Cons: Little time spent with my family

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