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Its a good Company

the company is one of the leading organisation in the banking sector for the Africa as a whole. its a good Company to work for. with great opportunities and growth

Pros: new technologies
Cons: travel

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It was an excellent learning experience

Working at Standard Bank was challenging. I learned how to work under pressure, how to overcome challenges and the importance of teamwork. I thoroughly enjoyed assisting clients. Building relationship with my clients. Our days were hectic and we would often stay after hours but we had an amaxing team that made it seem like a walk in the park

Pros: Amazing opportunity to learn and meet exciting people
Cons: Long hours

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A Working day

Signing in and check queries of issue client may be occurring , find solutions and assist urgently as this could hinder a loss of business or even at time fines . call new or potential clients , explain our services ,set up appointments , visit client sign deals . look for new clients not banking with us / offering them market relates rates . Looking for new CASH clients offering devices (auto Safes ) , looking at rates and ensuring we offer the client a competitive rate with out running a loss on our Financials . handling of client complaints and ensuring taking ownership of problems providing clients with feedback constantly , while maintaining highest level of services. visiting current clients maintaining relationship visiting top 30% , and bottom 20% to ascertain why the drop for the financial year , ways of increasing revenue . Ensuring the financials revenue is 100% for the year. looking for leakages

Pros: Great company and work experience
Cons: Travelling alot

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Good Tranning

The standard bank tranning helped me in developing my knowledge in furnishing of advice to clients and improving on my work ethics. It has also given me a sense of responsibility and the skills to work in a team.

Pros: Developing my skill
Cons: Competetive Market

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I met all expectations for the 2016 year. I assisted with coming up with benchmarks, deal pricing and RFP pricing. A typical day would start with me answering queries, normally form the day before pertaining to pricing being loaded or simple calculations. At 11:00 to 13:00 I would attend meeting and from 13:00 to the end of the day I deal with more strategic things (i.e. revenue leakage products, analysis and etc). I have a great working relationship with my collegues, you would usually find us craxking jokes about events that have occured. They are my first point of contact when deal with pricing issues outside of my scope

Pros: Get to know pricing across the whole board
Cons: 24 hours is never enough sometimes

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Excellent place to work for

my job is very pressurised and stressful yrt rewarding nd exciting,in order to perform my daily duty there hs to be accuracy,concentration and teamwork i have learnt so much in my ten years that i will make a great leader of a team. I have leared values like respecting each other,growth,customer service and a lot of other things the day i leave i can take on anything because working here has made me even more hardworking and responsible.

Pros: growth
Cons: extremely commanding

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Im currently seeking a new opportunity and change

its a good company to work for, more opportunities, growth and exposure , I have a very good working relationship with my team, what I enjoy the most is getting more challenges and overcome them, eg new task and I must make sure that I get it right, I handle all the admin, operational, health and safety , IT related issues, ordering stationery, ordering of tea and coffee, mending and taking care of the reception area, assist the team with collating stats and feedback to send to Head Office, assist with queries, do secretarial and Personal assistance to my line manager, schedule and book meetings, assist with planning of functions and events, process invoices for payments of our suppliers, auctioning of reports, assist with travel arrangements, book accommodation, compile any list requested from Head Office, process parking and phone bills for the team.

Pros: new experience and challenge
Cons: working saturdays

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Eager and efficient

I am a target driven person. my current position at standard bank requires a strict deadline as we report to the south african reserve bank. my collegues and i work as a group and are faced with different challenges which we resolve efficiently and timeously. i am able to work independently or part of a group. i portray leadership abilities as well as group participation. my passion is to excel and make a significant contribution to any task that i endevour.

Pros: great environment and inspiring tasks each day
Cons: time constraints

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Having the right attitute to do more

Would like to further my skills relating to purchasing and supply in procurement and sourcing space, and looking forward to discuss more details on a face to face meeting.

Pros: The culture is very accomodative
Cons: Not being able to contact or liaise directly with all seniors or directors.

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Great exposure, pressurised moments, demanding and often rewarding

we have great people in the teams, a few great leaders, its a very big organisation , sometime red tape delays progress and adherence to timelines. different leadership promote things differently and we have experienced lots of change some good some bad and some neccesary

Pros: exposure to many different aspects of business
Cons: Red tape

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