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Fast learner. dedicated person.ability to work with people and colleagues tohether with management

It was a great experience to work at shoprite as I was working but with small companies.. I gained experience even though it was temporary. Well some customers are sometimes difficult to please but I can be able to work with these kind of customers and gain the respect of the company more. I love working with people I'm a peoples person I enjoy what i do more anything or any work giben to me i just do it....

Pros: great opportunity for gaining more experience
Cons: long working hours.

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Excellent in cashier

We where so close myself an management. I learn a lot nothing was challenging because I really like challenge I enjoy working With people.work as a team

Pros: Being a cashier
Cons: 9hours

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Good experience learning

Its ok to work at my company i have a great relationship with my co- workers and my managers i undrestand them i have learnt to be cautious since im dealing with loads of cash the most challenging aspect is when we receive a lots of cash for the social grant but i do enjoy the my job because i put food on the table

Pros: great opportunities for promotion
Cons: long hours

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Good company

Shoprite is a good and exciting company to work for,good training materials and good Manager who are promoted from within the company. They ensure that they train every employee for customer service, health and safety and all sorts of training that take place within the company. I have learnt a lot from this company as someone who was straight from school and into a retail organization. I have trained myself a lot of junior managers who are now doing well for themselves in and out of the company. Long hours are mostly the challenges that I had to face. I enjoyed most the working relationship I had with the staff in all the 5 different stores I've worked on. Difficult customers were the most challenging

Pros: Regional Admin Manager
Cons: 12 hours a day

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Interpersonal skills

I am well motivated person and I know how to deal with different people in the working environment. I work hard to keep the business successful every time

Pros: Good communication
Cons: Between 8 and 5

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Excellent learning curve

It is gud to wrk there because you get to experience pressure and how to wrk under it like for example month ends. I also get to understand customers better by resolving problems they encounter nd also learning the different buying behaviour individual customers has. I like working with peanut because they teach you how to handle them as they are different and unique nd that builds a relationship between you and your customers

Pros: poor opportunity for promotion
Cons: long working hours

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Exclent service

All most I get the full of experience with a good customer service at shoprite and inkow how to calm down with customers and inkw how to deal with an angry customers so irealised to thanks shoprite to training me nice for the many years. Inkw how to communitie with may colleague so at the moment am cashier I always doing any job in the store that was the manager say ido buy any way am not happy about the salary

Pros: Yes lot of opportunity in. There
Cons: Am working long hours day

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Its a good job only if the salary was complimenting the responsibilities

I have learnt a lot in terms of interacting with diff erent people on a dayvtonday basis I have a better understanding of what retail is about how to handle complaints and solve them and how to be a strong person regardless of my challenges for the day

Pros: great opportunity for promotions
Cons: long hours and unpaid overtime

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Good working experince

It was good working at Shoprite.me and my co-workers we had a great relationship I have learnt that custormers are very important people i enjoyed working with customers the thing that was challenging was to deal with an arrogant customer

Pros: great salary
Cons: long working hours

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Amazing work experience

Its very challeging but since I've started am used to the most tiring days of my life i do my best to be the best respect the people am working with although days are not the same sometimes the co-workers just disrespect me to the point where i feel like giving up but then i remind myself why i went there from the first place even the customers are so disrespecting they will test me to lose it but am used to how they behave am not really offended by their behavior its not new to me anymore,i get over their disrespect by telling myself that am at work ican't take this personal but i have to take it professional

Pros: self directed and independent worker
Cons: long working hours

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