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Hard working

Hardworking is a must. Teamwork is compulsory option and we are able to work with or without supervision. Can work under pressure. Time management is compulsory

Pros: Problem solving
Cons: 8 hours

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Excellent experience

Bakery Deli Fruit and vegetables Pulpit Received and recording stock I have qualified as a baker won many awards in the department as a best baker baker of the week customer complaints awards most assisting in the department also computer application technology skills award then I got the certificate in retail from omni

Pros: Great experience
Cons: Low salary range

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Exllent reading

Am a hard worker be patient keeping on smiling and be honest with the customer's. I like my colleagues. And I was enjoying to work as a cashier. But the money it was too small dats it why I was resigned. I want jobs better than that working normal hours getting more salary.

Pros: Great opportunity
Cons: Long hours working

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I'm a fast learner

I'm a people's person that loves to interact with people,i take my work very seriously. I'm always willing to go the extra mile for others. I will always talk when I have a problem. I'm very punctual

Pros: I love and enjoy my work. I'm passionate about it
Cons: I hate working long hours and weekends,because I still have small children at home

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Excellent learning curve

Is been a blessing to work with multitude of people, I learned how to go along with people of different attitudes, I enjoy intersecting with different people with views and the most challenging aspect is it's not easy to work people but I really enjoy challenging environments.

Pros: Chances for promotion are very high due to my hardworking
Cons: 8 hours

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Excellent working

Retail is worth working for, we learn and gain work experience and learn 9n how to enteract with people and helping our customers in a good way, manage our store room in a well manners and also make sure our shelves are always full, satisfying our customers and etc.

Pros: Great opportunity
Cons: Late night hours

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Great learning experience,learnt a lot about the working environment and myself.

I learnt a lot at shoprite about the working environment with its challenges and opportunities.my typical working day would start with clearing at the back taking at the stock that needs to be packed on the shelves,make sure I pack half the stock before the shop opens.do orders and follow up on orders during the day.receive stock if theres stock coming in that day and pack it,sign delivery documents (trip sheet).attend to customers.

Pros: Great working environment that allows u to be able to communicate with both colleagues and customers
Cons: Long working hours,lack of opportunities.lack of communication with the management

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13715 x 13 Soshanguve South 0152 23/01/2019 Cora O Dear Sir Madam Introducing myself as a well organized and passionate person, I’d like to be considered for your advertised position of store assistant manager. My profile may be short in experience but not so in expertise.I have received professional training in business management and have also had some firsthand exposure to store management thanks to omni hr and shoprite /checkers that were a part of my coursework.Born savvy for the price and product comparison and well versed in market surveying, I am also good at communicating with others. My natural peoples’ orientation and exceptional interpersonal skills tied with functional knowledge of store management are bound to support the advertised role. Since my skills are best demonstrated in person, I’d like to see you in an interview an Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincere regards, (Signature) Njabulo Masango

Pros: experience gained
Cons: long hours less money payed out standing the whole day

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Fast Lerner

I am fast learning person,passionate about my job good communication skills with customers and I am straight person through management if something bothering me.we share an experienced of various jobs with my co-workers,to do job easier and faster.

Pros: much diligent to my job
Cons: overtime

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Young and willling to learn

I like to work till the job is done. i like being useful and be productive. i am good at working with people because team work make dreams and i also like to learn new way to make my job easier and more productive.

Pros: Great opportunity of promotion
Cons: long working hours

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