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Fast Lerner

I am fast learning person,passionate about my job good communication skills with customers and I am straight person through management if something bothering me.we share an experienced of various jobs with my co-workers,to do job easier and faster.

Pros: much diligent to my job
Cons: overtime

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Young and willling to learn

I like to work till the job is done. i like being useful and be productive. i am good at working with people because team work make dreams and i also like to learn new way to make my job easier and more productive.

Pros: Great opportunity of promotion
Cons: long working hours

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A good career builder

Acquired lots of managerial skills, including visual merchanding and also become a visionery that made me a better planner in advance and looking for improvement.

Pros: Medical aid provided
Cons: Racism stiil raging

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Excellent experience

Bakery Deli Fruit and vegetables Pulpit Received and recording stock I have qualified as a baker won many awards in the department as a best baker baker of the week customer complaints awards most assisting in the department also computer application technology skills award then I got the certificate in retail from omni

Pros: Great experience
Cons: Low salary range

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The company does not have opportunities for employees to grow within the company

It takes more than long to grow in the company. We work 8 hour shifts indeed of 9 hours. There are no allowance in the company. The amount we rate an hour is less to cover the needs of the individuals.

Pros: Good shift schedules
Cons: Hard labour less pay

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Great experience

In my current company it is a very challenging position to be a scanning clerk. There are times were by you some how argue with a customer eg. complaining about prices are on promotion but have not change in the system. It is also very much exiting experience interacting with different cultures. Learning how to calm an angry customer and also team work. In my position team work is priority because you have to also get some ideas from your co-workers. What I have learnt is that the customer service has to be good and that we learn every day.

Pros: Great opportunities for promotion
Cons: Long working hours

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Great learning opportunity

What I like working at shoprite is meeting different customers and different people and the staff am working with we have a good working communication the difficulties I face is that I can't manage people or discipline them

Pros: Great opportunity to grow
Cons: Will to work hard

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Looking for a better job to help my family at home

Finished school last year and am hoping to help to feed my little brothers and a home..and maybe when time goes on I wana make money and try to further my education bye going back to school

Pros: Great opportunity
Cons: Long working hours

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Perfect place for work experience and polishing up your skills. There's a lot of room for improvements , problem solving skills,team work and leadership.

Pros: Great working environment
Cons: Knocking off late

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I'm a dedicated, enthusiastic, future based young girl

I used to pack my given brands and I used to work for 1h30 minutes per shoprite since I was working for 2 shops. It was nice working there we were like a family ...I learnt to respect other people and ask for help if you need some ,to be a kind person ,facial expression must be always good towards other people.

Pros: Well
Cons: 6 hours

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