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Good company to work for

It is a good company with long working hours but you get more experience there become learn almost anything , and the relationship between management and and staff are very good.

Pros: It is great to work there are promotions
Cons: No overtime but long working hours

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A good career builder

Acquired lots of managerial skills, including visual merchanding and also become a visionery that made me a better planner in advance and looking for improvement.

Pros: Medical aid provided
Cons: Racism stiil raging

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Excellent experience

Bakery Deli Fruit and vegetables Pulpit Received and recording stock I have qualified as a baker won many awards in the department as a best baker baker of the week customer complaints awards most assisting in the department also computer application technology skills award then I got the certificate in retail from omni

Pros: Great experience
Cons: Low salary range

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Learning more nd poor management

My years of experience in till packer nd most i do enjoy customers service working with customers its lovely coz u learn lot of things frm people nd for being humble responsible nd b comfortable around people.i am valuable for my positive attitude attention to detail.as well as my excitement communication skills thank u

Pros: Poor services in management
Cons: Small payment

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Great diversity of working

the thing i like at this company is the diversity of people you get to work with and the challenges of the environment.. yes, its a fast paced company and you have to be on your feet most days but it sort of stimulates the ability to think on the go or improvise when problems arise.And i must say i have learned so much from working at this company and from the people i worked with. i have gained alot of confidence and grew with improved skills and wisedom

Pros: great start for working experience
Cons: do not get paid enough to perform the duties required

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Learning experience

Working for shoprite is a learning curve that whereby you learn more from the staff, due to them having more experience than the management in the store. I learned that when a customer approaches you with a problem you have to deal with it heads on, what i enjoyed about my job is seeing a customer walk a customer the store with a smile on their face... Seeing that made me realise how powerful a smile is to a person.

Pros: Great working environment,high class staff knowledge, productive and motivated staff
Cons: Long hours,

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Excellent curve

Working hard to achieve excellent customer service and sales. All about work and making sales and making sure you learn as much as you can to be good and be recognised and be promoted.

Pros: Working hard
Cons: Long hours

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Young and willling to learn

I like to work till the job is done. i like being useful and be productive. i am good at working with people because team work make dreams and i also like to learn new way to make my job easier and more productive.

Pros: Great opportunity of promotion
Cons: long working hours

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Exllent reading

Am a hard worker be patient keeping on smiling and be honest with the customer's. I like my colleagues. And I was enjoying to work as a cashier. But the money it was too small dats it why I was resigned. I want jobs better than that working normal hours getting more salary.

Pros: Great opportunity
Cons: Long hours working

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I'm a fast learner

I'm a people's person that loves to interact with people,i take my work very seriously. I'm always willing to go the extra mile for others. I will always talk when I have a problem. I'm very punctual

Pros: I love and enjoy my work. I'm passionate about it
Cons: I hate working long hours and weekends,because I still have small children at home

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