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Accountable and responsible
. I am currently employed as an Operations Manager at FNB. I have worked now for 21 years for FNB and 10 years in management as Branch Administrator, Admin Manager and Operations Manager (Where I control all the branches financial control, security , branch’s asset register and general admin). I am also responsible for the running of the branch is the absence of the Branch Manager.
Pros: professionalism
Cons: vow service
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Excellent working invironment
I like my current job, because I manage my working time and it helps more to interact with different people. And our team is a good one as we make sure we communicate on daily based and it has realy builds a good relationship among as and our managers. It tought me how to creat relationship with companies, and I enjoy the flexible hours that I work. Yes it is hard sometimes to reach targets, but with the support of our manager, we dont get discarage as he always motivate us even we feel we cant take it anymore. For to want to move from banking is, I feel its being long and I need new things to work on and again to help me to come back home to be close to family.
Pros: Excellent Opportunity
Cons: Flexible Working hours
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Great learning curve
Its very hectic especially at the end of the month and pretty stressful because you have to reach certain targets and also have to deal with diffrent customers but, you get to learn a lot every day as you get diffrent quiries.
Pros: Great learning curve
Cons: Working and low income
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A Typical day at the office
My work day starts by working through client emails and assisting and answering immediately. setting up appointments and returning calls. follow up on cases outstanding. cold calling for appointments and daily feedback. sending and signing off wills to trust department. scanning and capturing ne cases and sending off to the companies to process. I have a good relationship with all my co workers especially the branch manager at Randridge mall branch she is a friendly loving person and keeps her staff close to heart. she is a fantastic peoples person and loved by all. I have learned over the years not to take anything for granted and to jump in and help assist clients immediately and not to leave anything for the next day nothing gets sorted by it self. I love working with people and clients. I enjoy seeing a client leave our doors satisfied the challenging aspect of our jobs are getting the best possible cover for our clients and to get the cover sorted and started as soon as possible.
Pros: No change for any promotion in the current position im at
Cons: no oportunity for promotion
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Good insight on being customer centric
a typical day for me includes welcoming customers into the bank then finding out what they are there to do then direct them to correct channels and if there is a chance to migrate them to electronic channels to make there trip shorter and more pleasant I would do that. then I would also deal client complaints and try to calm them down. my relation with the co workers are great we are really a team and stand by one and other in both the good and bad times . we all want the best for each other. what I have learnt is how to listen to customers needs and making life easier for them. I have also learnt to how not to lose your cool when under pressure in order to complete the tasks and targets set for you. I really enjoy when customers tell me I have made their day and have removed the stigma regarding banks. challenging aspects includes dealing with angry customers .
Pros: great environment to better your self by always learning something new
Cons: long hours and dealing with angry people
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Excellent learning curve
The company was the best because each and every year they where willing to teach me everything I need to know about Banking. The best part of the company was freedom of expression and their values one of them was ubuntu . This company took me from matric and showed me how a person can grow at the young age and learn more about the financial industry . The co workers are amazing they are willing to tell you what's knew. The problem was the management and the salary Increase and that was our biggest issue as employees.
Pros: Great opportunity to grow
Cons: No salary increase
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Entry level job fulfillment
Working for FNB is very good as it is a big and we'll known brand. You basically joining a family which has set valus and standards that you have to maintain with very strict, demanding and a company of endless changes.
Pros: walk in customers for sales.... its a big company and we'll known.
Cons: with the change in banking, everyone else is driven towards electronic channels meaning less customers walk in and less sales.... slow growth (if one grows at all)
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