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Team leader

Through out my years with my Fnb its being a great experience and a learning curve I am greatfull for the career exploture that I have received from there.


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My current role is being part of the Project space. In this role, I am involved in the various aspects of business projects, i.e. operational process mapping, information technology business solutions, business planning, strategy, implementation of projects, project reporting, analysis and marketing. I enjoy the nature of my job as it covers the broader aspect of the business.

Pros: Flexebilty in growth
Cons: Long service

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Excellent learning curve

The typical work day goes about as I am a sales and service consultant so I sell accounts and service customers in terms of cheque accounts, savings accounts and investment accounts I also provide people with statements and issue statements create payment links also assist client at the atms and adts, my workers with my co-workers is excellent the things that I learn is to be very strategic and always up to date with your work and to be thorough in your work the part I enjoy the most interacting with new people and different personalities the most challenging aspects of my job is at times the language barrier.

Pros: co workers excellent
Cons: long working hours

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Great banking experience and customer service.

It is a great invironment, we deal with alot of customers on a daily basis. We are around 40 staff in my branch and we have weekly meetings every wednesday presented by branch manager. I have learned alot with banking and finance in my 4 years of service, and also customer service which we all have to go on training. They will always be challenging customers who demands and talk loud but we are trained to deal with such. Working as a teller is a challenge dealing with cash is not something to take lightly one must always be vigilant. The bank does not allow any mistakes.

Pros: Exposure to banking and investment understanding
Cons: It is a risky job

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Bringing about new strategies in the company

I'm a go getter,i can be a leader in all aspects because I know I have got all the capabilities of team playing and sharing of ideas. I'm passionate at what I do and I always believe in reaching my goals. Good at presentations and never scared of challenges I knw I'm the best candidate for these post

Pros: Great opportunity for growing the business
Cons: Challenges

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Working for FNB gave me an opportunity to present myself in a working environment and also to deal with customers by giving them imformed decision regarding their finances. Also to perform need anaylsis to identify which financial product do they need. It has also helped me a lot in my career because it i have also obtained my RE5 Fais Exam through the experience i have gained from FNB.

Pros: Great place to upskill myself
Cons: High travelling cost

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Pressurised environment with lots of challenges

Respect fellow colleagues. Don't leave anything for tomorrow that can be done today. Pressure - keep ahead, keep up with changes, team support.

Pros: A pleasant job environment with loads of challenges
Cons: Too long working hours and working weekends pretty much retail hours

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Excellent learning curve

we open business accounts via online, direct ,extrenal sales and branch applcation, populating mandate for the customer n make sure will fill in all the listed directors or members listed in the company certificate ,consttuition or trust deed. Double check if u have put all the correct information of the client ..call the client to confirm signing arrangement and if the email and address are correct..if the client has submitted all required documents we double check again ..then do maintenance on the account then finalise the application and send it to QA..we are stats driven we make 32 applications a day irrespective of how many directors you get per application ...I ejoy coz you experiance lots of people's thoughts and views...all I can say we are a group of team we try to work together and push as much as we can to reach the average ...basically team work. the most challenging part is when one have to multi skill helping other departments with back log...and also reaching their daily target or stats.

Pros: No development and growth
Cons: 8.5

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Excellent learning curve

Ive enjoyed the company culture. Everyday is a new day with new challenges. The people Ive worked with was excellent in their role in providing support and making the work environment a professional workplace.

Pros: Customer service learning curve
Cons: Long working hours working on weekends

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I have grown so much in skills, knowledge, customer interaction,e.t.c

FNB as an innovative bank gave me an opportunity to adapt easily to change because products change every day. there is always introduction of new digital channels to improve banking for customers and also improve customers experience. The culture of how can we help you have become a part of me, I pretty much enjoy helping our customers and also my colleagues. I have worked with different branches of Fnb and always find it easy to be part of the team.

Pros: The company does reward employees according to their contribution to the company.
Cons: Operating hours are standard, nothing out the extraordinary.

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