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Team leader
Through out my years with my Fnb its being a great experience and a learning curve I am greatfull for the career exploture that I have received from there.
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My current role is being part of the Project space. In this role, I am involved in the various aspects of business projects, i.e. operational process mapping, information technology business solutions, business planning, strategy, implementation of projects, project reporting, analysis and marketing. I enjoy the nature of my job as it covers the broader aspect of the business.
pros: Flexebilty in growth
cons: Long service
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Working for FNB gave me an opportunity to present myself in a working environment and also to deal with customers by giving them imformed decision regarding their finances. Also to perform need anaylsis to identify which financial product do they need. It has also helped me a lot in my career because it i have also obtained my RE5 Fais Exam through the experience i have gained from FNB.
pros: Great place to upskill myself
cons: High travelling cost
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I have a solid experience in managing a successful team
I have a good relationship with my team, I am a team player and good leader. I always encourage and compliment them. I enjoy the spirit within the team as we are always working towards the same goal. I have learnt to be a good leader and to be make my team happy. The challenging aspects is that we do not see each other everyday as we spend most of our time on the road,
pros: Leading a successful team
cons: working out of office most of the time
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Excellent opportunity
Great opportunity for me to learn. Broaden my knowledge in the banking industry. Constantly learning new things as to things always changing in the banking environment. You have to keep up otherwise you'll be lost. It's challenging but a great learning curve. You work with all types of people but I suppose you get that everywhere, right? The only thing you should remember is that you're not there for them like you, you're there to do your job. Because I've learnt you can't really trust anyone in the banking industry, you have to have your own back, make sure you cover yourself at all times. People have huge egos and personalities that don't always go together so there's always that constant conflict. Always a competition amongst staff. I enjoy work most days and some days I don't but hey I've come thus far and it's made me a stronger and better person that I am so I'm glad for the opportunity I got and what I've learnt thus far.
pros: Don't work public holidays
cons: Extended banking hours
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A very innovative organisation
working for one of the flag ship banks with in South Africa, truly is a dream come through. I remember my campus days, going through each year and thinking that FNB would be the place where I would like to start my career. Being an innovative bank, a day at work can be intense. always thinking of streamlining our job functions in order to provide accurate information to stakeholders and top management. FNB culture is amazing, we have the privilege of working with people from all walks of life and cultures. I think the current most challenging aspect would be risk related, integrating the entire FNB in the risk world
pros: Innovative and culture
cons: CBD Traffic during the rain
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