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Excellent learning curve
I enjoy working as a dental assistant especially when operating the dental chair for the dentists. We also have a good relationship with my collegues, the most challenging aspect of the job is that there are no promotions.
pros: no great oppotunities for promotions
cons: long hours of working with less salary
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work growth, great team player
Working at public hospital can be challenging meeting different people with with different characters but this does not change my attitude toward my work because I am friendly and hard working person ,focused, great team player and quick learner each an every projects given to me I complete them successfully before deadlines. Challenges of my jobs is shortage of resources in public hospitals. Being around with different people taught me life is not about individuality but love and respect for others can adds value ones future.
pros: In 5 years I see myself in senior position managing important portfolio in South African companyies
cons: 8 to 12 hours per day
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Great working and challenging environment dealing with people with disability and mental illness. I've learnt management of people with disability and mental illness, communication skill. I have good relationship with co workers.the most challenging aspect at work is the infrastructure and lack of resources.
pros: Great working relationship
cons: Lack of resources
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Im a hard worker,i know how to type and to work with a lot of people
I have learnt to work with people,to handle conflict and I have gained alot of exprience in HR sections,recruitment,transfer,appointment and at HRD section I habe learnt to identify employees who need training and induction and orientation of newly employees.
pros: opportunity to get permanat position
cons: when I had a lot of work ,I even work extra hours
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Being able to take decision and account on matter that arise ,being able to supervise other staff
Started working as an intern ,which it gave me an expirience to deal with different people from different cultural backgrounds. I have gain or i learnt a lot on,how to deal with the behaviour and attitide of our clients ,nurses,doctors and other staff. Sloving a conflict and trying to come up with solutions tht will make both the client and the employer happy ,and being able to make decisoin and to account on whatever is happening on my section. Most challenge was the changes in policyvof the Department regarding the benefits of the employees,but i,am able to,interprete and give them in black and white paper what the policy is saying .
pros: Acting as supervisor in the when my manager is on Leave
cons: A lot of paper work and long hours when we do Perfomance management payment for thr whole Hospital
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Very high work load; poor support; toxic work environment.
Specialized tertiary hospital working in adult psychiatry. Supervising final year OT students from the University of Pretoria and also from MEDUNSA. Working in the firm assessing and treating patient with a variety of psychotic disorders. Doing group and individual therapy. Working alone in my firm, doing two or three therapists' work. High case load on a consistent basis. Difficult interpersonal relationships in general in our department. I have a good work relationship with my subordinate and with our other three subordinates. I also have a good work relationship with our MDT (two social workers, two psychiatry registrars, clinical psychologist interns, clinical consultants, and nursing staff). Unfortunately, the OT Department is experienced by myself and colleagues as a toxic work environment.
pros: Specialist learning in the field of adult psychiatry.
cons: High work load, working alone in my firm (doing at least two therapists' job), poor support.
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Excellent working Environment
Day to day task was to give clinics and Hospital staff information about certain Campaigns and enrolled charts plus pamphlets. Arrenging meetings with Operational Managers, staff nurses, dietician etc. Managers were freindly with me even thoe i was an inserve but they treated me like Any of their employers. I have learn how to Communicate with Other co-workers and how to direct calls From defferent Departments. I Enjoy helping People coming in and out of the building.
pros: Valuable Work
cons: Long working hours at times
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Excellent Learning Curve
I like the current work environment because I get to work with people and work by people, I like it because I get to learn new things every now and then. I work with friendly and overwhelming people. The deadlines can be so challenging but we manage to get the job done in time We have Functions for every celebrated day of the year.
pros: Graet opportunity for Learning
cons: We work Fair Hours (8)
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