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Under-performing school

i have learnt to deal with different behaviors and that each and every need to be shard when coming to dealing with learners. it also important to work as a team so as to achieve fruitful results in each and every institution.

Pros: great opportunities of self-actualization
Cons: having to go extra mile every weekend without compensation

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Senior Accounting clerk.

Working at the department has been a huge learning curve, I gain more knowledge on how to capture the district budget, control RLS 01, control petty cash claims, how to use BAS, SAP and Persal systems. Relationships with co-worker is very good, everyone is friendly and willing to share information, they are patient and very kind. Most challenges about the job is being accurate and focused. Everything is numbers and huge amounts of money we work with. Concentration is key I love that i am learning and enjoying the challenges. I love when i am balancing with formulas and amounts on points.

Pros: Financial manager/ supervisor
Cons: Long working hours and load of work

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Hard worke,love working with people and a very go communicator

I have learned a lot in my job ,i can do most of hr adminitration work e.g i can use persal system, i can capture leave,use doctrack,housing allawance,acting letters,appointment letters, i can fill in GD1 forms, i also have a good relationship with our clients which are teachers and principals.i am very good with computer and also creatimg a report, i am still eager to learn and go far wiyh HRD,i have difficulties with people who are lazy to work in the working enviroment

Pros: entry level in the working environment
Cons: I can go extra mile to finish my job on time even if it means making extra hours for my job

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Excellent experience

It has been a good experience and wonderful working with people of diverse culture and societies so it has built me so greatly. I have been able to share knowledge with others and also learn from others, given me a dynamic strength of cultural understanding and co flict resolution.

Pros: Discrimination
Cons: Good working hours

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Excellent learning and knowing the background of work place

At first it very hard because you sometime given too much work by different department but I have learn that you have to prioritise the work and deligate because we were were a team of 4, the typical day would be the Friday of the end of the month because the staff never availability them self and the exame traimaster it has a lot of work but as a hard worker you have to pull yourself together and do your best

Pros: Getting too much experience
Cons: We had a great working hours

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I have experience of admin and I'm a hard worker

It has been a challenge to work at department of education but that is not an excuse, through out the year I have learned how to communicate with fellow colleagues, public and how to deal with challenges you may come across with co-workers. I have learned about organization policies such as PAIa and PAJA. My responsibility was on switchboard, typing and making copies for the organization and the being responsible of post mails. Ensuring that they a delivered to the HOD and MEC offices and other departments by the internal messenger. I loved the way our Senior Manager treated us. She give us the responsibilities that made us to be opened minded at work

Pros: there were no oppurtunities
Cons: 07:30-16:30

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How to works as team and good way to behave in working place,punctuality,to perform my work nit

Works 8 hours per day Good communication i learn job very quicker How to work as team my work was very good To do my work with no disturbance To get interrupted while i'm busy doing my work

Pros: good opportunity i'm contract
Cons: long working

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My work is extremely good

My work experience has given me increased capacity to work with different personalities, handle different project assigned to me very well and able to work under pressure. I possess self-confidence, integrity, good interpersonal / customer relations and therefore have strong relationship building and networking.. I had the responsibility of co-ordinating and disseminating information

Cons: 8 HOURS

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I'm good and understand each other and I take advice I'm a patient person

To gain more experience and to learn more I'm willing to work overtime to work as a team and to communicate with my workers to gain more experience I learn to be patient I enjoy to learn from my workers when someone is refused to rectified although she \he is making a mistake as a adult but trying to help

Pros: Any opportunity I will except
Cons: I'm willing to work overtime

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Great understanding of the Public Sector

I have learnt a lot from this internship, ranging from administrative work, to investigative work and writing reports and compiling submissions. I got to use some of my research skills and facts evaluation skills. My senior co-workers are willing to share information and knowledge. This kind of work requires a lot of travelling around the Province which has helped me get to know different kinds of people and to network with different types of stakeholders.

Pros: It is a great opportunity to learn and understand how the public sector works and operates
Cons: Long working hours sometimes.

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