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It was a good start in my career journey .

Things that I've learnt in the company has given me lessons for life in efficiency, time management and accuracy in all that I do. Work well within a team.

Pros: insights into the banking world
Cons: long working hours

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Capitec is a great company to work for,it's a great platform to grow and a great environment. Everyone has a positive energy,and I always look forward to the next day. I enjoy solving client's queries and putting a smile on their face

Pros: Great opportunity for growing in the banking sector
Cons: Working 6 days a week

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Excellent learning curve but low worklife balance

The day begings at quarter to eight where i dealt with communication from head ofgice in terms of changes in our credit granting process and other important changes or upgrades to our system, checking attendance register and opening the door for our clients. Most come for upgraded products or to enquire about new product offerings, during the quiet times a quality service consultant tracks down all his missed opportunities where a deal with a client was not concluded this is vital as sales play an important role you are contracted to track existing clients and as to manage customer relationships. Later in the day you get lots of clients and accurate data capturing is important as you get marked down should an error arise whether a client came in for credit or a simple account update, its a stressful job but if you can handle performance related job and your a good communicator you can become successful

Pros: Performance is rewarded every three months
Cons: Long hours including weekends highly stressful if sales arent good enough

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Challenging but good

This is a similar industry and atmosphere however the different products and systems used are the only learning curve. However it is a wonderful place to be in all because I'm doing more than ive ever done in a company. I enjoy the different people as well as cultures that I come across. Assisting clients is a challenge especially when one has to escalate but it's always good as you get to prove your skills and end up getting a compliment.

Pros: the system gives you more functionalities, lss escalations, good salary structure
Cons: no weekends off, 5 departments merged into one, no team activities

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A day in a the life of a service consultant

Working at the bank and a service consultant pushes you to the limit because u have to be a sales person and be customer service champion all at the same time . Have to call clients to sell financial products and i would have to acquire referrals to get more clients and telemarketiang is a good tool since i would call clients explaining products we offering and ask if they using their current products.

Pros: When clients are happy with what ive sold them
Cons: When clients are not decisive as to what they want.

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Excellent in sales consultant

I have 4years banking finance experience in sales consultant and as a teller. A great opportunity working at capitec bank,and gaining more experience. I enjoy working as a team and I was team leader. Serving clients,listening to them..

Pros: willing to learn more
Cons: from 7am to 6pm

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Always go an extra mile for customers

I am adaptable and eager to develop myself within the company that is willing to mold my strength into key attributes that will build upon my strong character. I am confident that my professional knowledge, work experience and motivation make me a suitable candidate for this Office Administrator job. My resume is enclosed herewith which will provide you with further details regarding my skills and abilities. This includes: maintaining contact with customers, creating liaison with other agents, maintaining inventory supply and typing documents as needed. Moreover, I have a demonstrated ability to prepare reports as analyzing available data is the best way to figure out what an office needs in terms of supplies and employees. Since good customer services is the base of all successful businesses, I have good skills to care for customers so that their needs are met – which ensures their loyalty

Pros: Great opportunity for being offered a learnership programme
Cons: shift work

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All rounder

My day starts with me doing the planner for the day. Planning lunches for the consultants, planning their tasks for the day. After that I will help with the review of the previous transactions, doing card stock and managing the branch flow. I work with a very strong team and it is very easy to work them because they are all competent and always share their knowledge so that they are always on top of their game. Working at capitec bank you learn something new everyday. I enjoy the rush of the job, it's not a boring job because I do different things. The most challenging thing for me is dealing with unhappy clients and how to make sure that I solve whatever query they have and also the long hours.

Pros: High potential Service Consultant
Cons: Heavy branch flows

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Continues Learning and development

My typical workday is dealing with different clients telephonically on a daily basis,assisting all clients to the best of my abilities. Im a people's person thats the reason ive been in this industry for +_- 6years I get along with different type's of personalities and I respect other's and their opinions. I tend to work well on my own but I love working withing a team as well. Ive learned to listen more and speak less. I enjoy assiting clients as im passionate about what I do. The most challenging part of my job is the rotational hours, nightshifts as I feel there's no ballance between work as it feels I dont have a personal life. Im looking for reach my full potential in an environment where im not only passionate but where I will be happy and maybe retire at your company , thats the type of employee I want to be.

Pros: potential for growth withing the banking/ finance industry
Cons: Long wprking hours,and rotational shifts

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Summary of my workplace

I am Gloria ndou, currently working as a branch manger in capitec bank, working for capitec bank had taught me a lot in terms of how to grow your profitability .how to stay motivated and how to motivate others to reach business objectives.i have grow confidence in working with people , resolving conflict among s other and how to handle clients complain and how to aquire new business to increase profitability.I enjoy helping clients a lotr whenever they have any challenges and I enjoy that evertime I have to brainstorm with my team if we have to achieve some of our golas . I have learn to maintain the moral of the team on daily basis by motivating them and giving them support and always be there for them if they need any assistance.The challenge is when you get new peoples who don't understand the business whereby yopu need to make sure they understand the business objectives and how to drive them successfully

Pros: there i an opportunity of growth
Cons: long working hours

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