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Exellent Learning Oppertunities

The work I am doing at my job everyday is: -Filing & Scanning -Answering Incoming calls, determine purpose of call and transfer calls professionally. -Take Deliver messages -Scanning and Faxing documents -Handling and Solving customer queries -Excellent verbal communication skills -Ability to multitask -Remaining calm in stressfull situations -Tactfull manner and have a good memory -Following up with clients and calling them back

Pros: Great opportunity for me and would work to the best of my abbility
Cons: Working long hours but would do anything to get my work done.

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Exploring opportunities for personal growth

I have worked as facilitator from 2005 and have been exposed to technical, process and soft skills workshops. I am comfortable with working through the entire Learning cycle. My passion is motivating and empowering people.

Pros: n/a
Cons: n/a

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Am very computer literate

My Experience working at old mutual was and still is the best. As i was the PA of the boss i use to interact with his employees at all times. My relationship with the co -workers was good i used to understand them a lot some of them i work with them do some of their work for them. I have learnt to treat everyone with respect and all of them in a same way I have learnt how to talk to clients and how to solve a complaining client i have learnt quite a lot of things I enjoyed making traveling appointments again working in groups and again the Friday Braai and when we sit in a group coming up with ideas of how to attract clients. The most challenging Aspect of the job was to make sure that each and every adviser submits 5 or 6 cases i had to make sure that they are doing their work correct and submit on time I go by the name of Bridget Anne Leghlo Am 23 years old I live in Soweto Zola Ext 3 Am a single young woman Kindly Regards

Pros: Great Performance to have a very good Promotion
Cons: 8 TO 9 HOURS

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Excellent Learning curve

it is good environment. I get along with all my co-workers learnt a lot about short term and long term insurance recruiting candidates finding people who are looking for a job

Pros: Great industry to network
Cons: Working long hours

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It is a learning experience

Analysing investments and advising people on how to manage their finances is such a good experience because I'm helping them to have financial freedom.

Pros: It is very much rewarding
Cons: It needs full commitment

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Strong Marketing Foundation

- On a path of personal growth and development - A conquered challenge is a reflection of my brand enabling drive to perform - Closely aligned personal values to the company - Practice values and respect that everybody has a different threshold for each of them - Have clear goals and expectations set-out for each day, month and trimester - Hold myself and others accountable and assist stakeholders in being accountable - Manage balance between professional relationships and personal empathetic one's; easy to get along with and believe in growing and nurturing relationships throughout one’s career - I hold access to all my seniors for advice, mentorship and guidance - No hard work is ever wasted even if unacknowledged- there is always personal growth and development - Learning on the job, sharing learnings and seeing the impact of team work through leveraging others’ strengths -Challenges: ensuring operational and strategic split of my time, effectively pushing back and managing up

Pros: Good job stablity
Cons: not much scope to grow from middle to senior management

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• Goal driven person and self-motivated with the intention to succeed • Hard worker and always motivated by end results of the task performed • Ability to work under pressure and team player • Good interpersonal skills, Problem solving skills, excellent communication skills • Ability to manage time and dead line driven • Willing to go an extra mile to ensure the continuation of learning. • Ability to transfer and share knowledge with others, analytic thinking • Keen to go beyond my areas of interest in an effort to increase my knowledge • Ability to adapt new situations and good commercial understanding • Ability to pay attention to details and willingness to accept responsibility • High Level of Accuracy and Numeracy

Pros: Great opportunity
Cons: productive hours possibly

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Excellemt learning curve

My typical day at is work is quite hectic as we are chasing targets theres calls being made theres clients coming in to see us its quite and adventurious experience, My relation with my co- workers is quite good as I am a bubbly person who speaks to everyone and anyone, Iv learnt to be consistant in what I do learnt to work hard and put in a positive attitude no matter what. I enjoy being at the office till late it gives me to do everything when its quite and peaceful. Most challenging aspect is not getting paid at all when you don't meet target I mean we all have responsibilities now.

Pros: great oppotunity for promotion
Cons: long working hours will make you shine

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Excellent wonderful experience, full of opportunities

I love working for old mutual because I get to meet new people with different aspirations and ambisions, I love helping people and keeping them happy.

Pros: great opportunity for growth
Cons: driving long distances

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Hard worker and easy to learn

I am currently working for Nedbank I'm a hrd worker and easy to learn i like to work with a team and individually I like to go extra mile so that I learn more

Pros: I like to grow within the company
Cons: I love to go extra mile

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