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Good learning skills

I've learned to be humble to respect people, learn different cultures from different individuals.. I have learned to control pressure, as I was working with different client's everything day, I have learned to be patient as well

Pros: Great opportunity for upgrade
Cons: Too little benefits

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Good relationship with clients

I have learned alot since I got here and i have a good knowledge of client relationship, creating leads to business, communication and dealing with advising client with their personal finances.

Pros: challenging environment and meeting deadlines
Cons: presentations at sites

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Good learning culture

Working in an exceptionally high pressurised environment. Keep to yourself, don't disclose any personally details, Co workers can be manipulative and back stabbers. Lots of opportunities to learn

Pros: opportunity for growth
Cons: Long working hours

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Career opportunities

There are plenty of opportunities and career development programmes. However, one needs to highlight that there is also lack of career growth if you do not further your studies. The work environment only allows top management to succeed but junior staff tend to be forgotten for development. The challenging aspects of my work is when you push beyond boundaries but no reward for that.

Pros: Plenty of opportunities
Cons: Management style

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Excellent traning

working at oldmutual has been a plesure with absolutely professional working enviroment along with excellent team work. the training provided has been really helpful and knowleagable. the flexibility and understanding working enviroment. the challenge is the targtes that have to be met on a monthly basis.

Pros: great opportunity for promotion
Cons: targets on a monthly basis

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Helpful learning curve

Working at the company that I work for has been a helpful opportunity and a great learning curve, has given me a chance to experience a variety of workplace challenges. I have a good relationship with co-workers and the management team, I enjoy dealing with figures and working in a team towards a common goal.

Pros: Great opportunity for learning
Cons: Long working hours

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Excellent learning curve

it very interesting, its just me and the capturer in the office and most of the stuff is in Johannesburg and Pretoria. the relationship is very good and it has to be because i depend on her to capture my business, if its not, my brokers and agents wont get payed on time. i have learned that team work is very crucial, especially because it just me and her depending on one another. if i don't bring business in, she doesn't have a job. i enjoy the training of products more than anything, when people depend on you for information and you giving it to them. challenges come when management don't believe that business is hard to find at times, and we have to go and extra mile to bring something back in the office. but all in all it is an interesting job.

Pros: 50/50
Cons: normal mostly

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About the job

Stressful environment as you need to meet your target weekly. Manager is okay and colleagues also fine. Learn to be patient and you get disappoints from the clients and some do not even pick up phones. Enjoy the most when I meet my targets and clients appointments are met.

Pros: Promotions but will take very long to come
Cons: working evening weekends

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Great Growth Opportunity

on a typical work day you don't have start of finish our as long as you meet your required targets then you all done. I have the best working relations with my co-workers. i Have learnt that to be the best you have to invest your time in your work and that all hard work pays off. I enjoy to see my client get value for their money at the end of the contract. The most challenging aspect is when we don't make the target as a collective team work.

Pros: you make your own salary by sales.
Cons: use of personal car.

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Advising Clients

I drive alot visiting different companies including school , private sectors doing presentatins and giving advice to client to take my product . I normally check their product in my laptot and i make sure that i meet my target before the day ends. We did work in team sometime and still meet the target.

Pros: The company does give us the opportunity to learn toward sales and markerting
Cons: The experince i have and the lessons i learn is great but now i want to explore and get something new something challenging as well.

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