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Typical work day is full of frustration, inadequate service received from departments on which we rely Good working environment with both co-workers and management Have developed my networking skills well beyond what I felt possible, have a holistic view of the business of mortgage lending. Enjoy those few nuggets of challenge that push me to find solutions to problems. The challenge however is getting buy in, even where I am the sole party affected and recommend change, action is extremely slow and red tape suffocating.

Pros: Decent salary
Cons: No growth path

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Excellent learning Curve

I work at Nedbank call centre where I deal with clients on a regular basics over the phone -I start my day at 8.00am till 4.30pm where we contact clients regarding their Funeral plans , Home loans , MFC vehicle Finance , I welcome them to nedbank and I also collect arrears as well on accounts that are over due. My relationship with my Co workers is strictly work , I communicate effectively and I am team player. I have been with Nedbank for over 2 years and I have learnt to be customer oriented , target driven and excel in all I do. I enjoy the daily conversations I have with clients being able to assist and attend to a clients need. The most challenging aspects of my job would be the long hours and working on weekends.

Pros: Great bank to work for , wonderful opportunities to grow.
Cons: Unreachable targets

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Learning curve

Great place to work depending on which department you are based in. Opportunities for growth are there if you get to know and talk to the right people.

Pros: Great place to work
Cons: Daily Talk time target

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Excellent experience.

This job taught me a lot of things as I was an intern and in that short period of time I learnt a lot almost all duties. The most thing I enjoyed at nedbank was we worked as a team on can help with your duties if they done with theirs The challenge at NetBank is failing to finish all your clients in a day. Again working on a computer system to capture all the clients file at the same time back scanning and waiting for. The feed back from your team leader until the feedback is received that's when you can start working on another new client.

Pros: There are learnerships.as I am a hard working always willing to learn as much as I can.
Cons: I never worked overtime hence team work will always be a way out from working long hour's.

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Improving my career

Good in Teamwork Knowledge of Client service Learnt Leadership skill Product knowledge First time right culture Learning through trainings and internal assessments Recognition always encourage us to perform better

Pros: punctuality and accuracy
Cons: product selling

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Great place to work. Great opportunities within the organisation. Love my work and interacting with people. Influencing staff to reach their full potential. To give more daily. Enjoy making everything happen. Hours in the day

Pros: promotion
Cons: not enough hours in the day

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Natural born leader and ecellent team player

I work for one of the great company to work for and have achieved half my goals as a client centric person the office politics are neglecting clients and that the back bone of any business. I have the best team in the world and cannot be measured only on accolades but by the values we posses to our clients. Processes and procedures are challenging but there is no business that can survive without them.

Pros: Learning never ends so as development
Cons: The sky is the only greatest than me

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Good Customer Services

A day I work to see to customers need, address their issues and making sure that they get satisfied and get helped in whatever issue they might have. I work well with my team because it makes the day easier and the working environment becomes lively. What ive learned is that people are different and you will always come across different attitudes so I should always be positive and be willing to listen and help were I can. I enjoy being able to help out where I can. I enjoy being on a call and hearing someone say thank you all went well.

Pros: There is room for growth
Cons: Different working shifts

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Excellent experience

My typical work day was a very busy day. We had different people coming in all day for different reasons. I worked with people from courier companies to Private Wealth clients and attorneys on a daily basis.I had wonderful relationship with all co- workers because we all needed to interact with each other at some point or another. I learnt how to deal with different personalities and also learnt how to handle these different personalities on different levels.The best part of my joy was the fact that people left our regional office happy and that I know i tried my best to assist them. Most challenging for me was explaining to or trying to justify an employee not being available for an appointment made in advance.

Pros: Wonderful ezxperience
Cons: Contract position

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Carreer exposure

Customer cold calling Appointments cheduling Client interviews Conducting needs analysis Reccomendation of financial solutions Implementing financial product suitable Evaluate and review client needs

Pros: Advancement opportunity
Cons: Adequate working hours

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