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Fast paced and stressful

Is a extremely fast paced and stressful environment. You have to be quick thinking and a problem solver. I have learnt to deal with difficult people/customers. How to management my time effectively and be a top performing agent in a challenging environment. I have good working and social relationships with my co-workers. I enjoy working online with the websites and learnt about web technical issues and how to resolve them. The most challenging aspect of the job is dealing with difficult customers. The working hours leave very little time for family and spiritual commitments.

Pros: Great Opportunity to learn
Cons: Limited Opportunity to grow

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Lot of experience gained with understandingreat different characters.

Retail requires most of your time. It also require's selflessness, understanding different characters also having to deal with people's attitude's on different levels. Mostly effective way to deal with all the pressure in a polite manner. You also learn to be assertive though work relations are not to be compromised.

Pros: Be eager to learn new in that way u gain knowledge and experience
Cons: Retail hours are the worst you get less time to yourself. You spend most at work.

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Excellent benefits

Good company no pressure..no stress.good people to work with....less commission paid. Lovely work benefits. Gives u the opportunity to study. Fun environment to work in.

Pros: good beenfits
Cons: less commission paid

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I am a young man who still wanna lean in life and who still want to achieve more

The most challenging aspects is to keep your self strong give people around you a positive thing to work on, I do enjoy my self if I work according to the rules of the company. I have learn a lot like how to handle a customers difficult one and easy customers. As far as I know to work with people who understand you its much easy for you to deliver. As we all know that in life day are not the same you have to pull your self together and move on

Pros: Pretoria
Cons: Mr Price Group

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Hard working, smart, meticulous and knowledge seeker

Willingness and eager to bring forth attained skills and knowledge in order to meet companies objectives, and not stopping to acquire more because the aim is to grow in the career and bring positive impact to the company in everyway possible. Please find cv attached about my self. Thank you

Pros: Good attitude
Cons: puntuality

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Learning curve

-difficult customers -best team worker -promoting customer service at all time, greeting customers, serving visitors, and colleagues pleasant manner both in store and on the phone. I have demonstrated skills in using Computer and MS Office Suite, Credit and Business Administration, Handling Cash, Customer Complain,Visual Merchandisers,Cash desk Controller,Stock controller, Dealing with Internal and External Customer and Standing for extended periods of time, through my working experience in sales. I have also developed a customer’s loyalty, confident, friendly, outgoing, energetic and customer service oriented demeanor. -getting my job done in time and 100% -when things don't they i want them to be done

Pros: to grow myself
Cons: long working hours

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I have a very interesting job.

We deal with close to 1000 stores, doing i.t support for all stores dealing with all different types of individuals. I have patience with the team. I assist with the hardware and software of the stores. I am really close to my co-workers we share a bond as a team as we believe in team work. I have learnt many things through this company E.g: Microsoft SQL, mobile pos device, apple devices POS applications, restoring of databases. I enjoy the challenge, the pressure is like an adrenaline rush for me and I love being challenged. working with SLA's is challenging and also the will to learn in depth information with regards to I.T.

Pros: Great opportunity in the long run.
Cons: Very long working hours.

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Building a team and creating health environment for my employees.

I have being in the business industry for more than 9 years and my goals are to develop more people who are not only looking at time to knock off, but focus on business productivity and our customers.

Pros: To become a Regional Leader.
Cons: I am able to work under pressure.

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Admin, 2IC, Finalising stats and printing scripts and resolving team issues when TL is unavailable

I'm hard working, good attention to detail, well groomed and spoken, respectful, highly motivated and a peoples person always willing to go the extra mile to achieve tasks and be of assistance. i'm always willing to learn and grow. stability and internal growth is of most importance to me.

Pros: working hours monday to friday 8-5
Cons: No growth within company

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I am a fast learner, i love meeting my deadline and will do whatever it takes to meet my deadlines

I am a hard worker i moved up fast in my career, i don't mind working late hours to learning the business. -Goals Driven -Working Under Pressure -Love new Challenging -Believe in asking questions for a better understanding.

Pros: Work under pressure and taken in new ideas
Cons: Long hours

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