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I am learning on daily basis especially about this career in sales and marketing.

Working at Homechoice is one of the most experiential learning i have ever had. I work at my own time- create my action plan on paper/map knowing what must be done, should do or just be done with no immediate urgency. In fact, what are important things i need to do in order of importance-any deadlines to be met today especially monetarily(figures). I am talking about realistic goals, then diarize everything. I then either go do field work or make calls to clients to market and create sales. The most challenging aspects of the job is budgeting. I am a freelancer earning a commissioned salary. The money i use to call clients, travelling, car service (wear and tear), petrol, data, salary and unexpected expenses (contingencies). I have to balance expenses versus income. The best thing about Homechoice is an on-going support to sales agent.

Pros: Support and payments on time. Permanent job. Improvement on their Management Information Systems with the current trends.
Cons: No work no pay.

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According to my review of this homechoice company is excellent and more efficient.

The accurate picture of the most popular thing to say that I have been trying to get the more and relevant results of my clients. And one thing I would like to add is that homechoice as you know it is the biggest company and I always wanted to check out the best prices for my clients and I grew up in this company and it has been designed for everyone to enjoy the rest of their lives with previous experience of working with the company. It seems to be the best prices for everyone to enjoy it. Beddings are beautiful and also the furniture and decoration with made in Italy.

Pros: Great opportunity for promotions and offers discounts on blancets and beddings.
Cons: Long working hours but depends on how to get clients.

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Excellent Learning Curve

I have started off with HomeChoice through an agency 5 years ago and since then have grown.It was quite an experience as I worked myself up from a driver to a Supervisor from the time that I have started there.For the duration of the time that i was employed with them i went on a few courses such as Excel,Stocktaking{Internal},Assertiveness,Heath and Safety,First Aider,Labour Relation(How to deal with staff in any situation regarding disciplinary actions etc}.Planning and Structuring of various departments,Sat in with management meetings,attended morning DDR meetings as to what was done on previous days and what is planned for the present day,filling in various reports and sending it out to managemnets as targets that was met and current status of business,atteded ISO training and Mangement was a bit tough but bearable to work with.HomeChoice in a nut shell was one of the best places ive worked for with lots of perks and wonderful people.

Pros: Great opportunity for promotions
Cons: Work load wasoverbearing

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Every morning I run a code and pull reports from our collections applications to update Excel reports that are sent to various departments and executives for daily operations and decisions making. These, I print and distribute to the relevant stakeholders. I perform EDC monthly reconciliations and other reports that are updated monthly. My work also include Ad hoc requests and meetings. The relationship with my coworkers is proffesional and easy going. I have learnt to distinguish between people who are just collegueas and those I can call friends. The job has broadened my focus abilities and numerica reading and analysis. I am able to pay attention to detail and handle pressure well.

Pros: Opportunity for learning
Cons: Low salaries

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Excellent learning curve

A day at work will will include starting my day a half hour earlier than is required of me as i like to plan my day well.A typical day at work is to have all my reports up to date so that management and the director of the Business would be able to view all the previous day productivity and information.As for my relationship with my co-workers ,I will always lend a hand as to where my input might be required as i was also involved with operations before being transport into Distribution.With HomeChoice there always new things to learn as we were constantly in meetings sharing information about our various departments and where we can assist one another.What I enjoyed about HomeChoice that you are always meeting new people and learning new things.The most challenging aspects of the job was than planning was key and the work load was horrendous.

Pros: Opportunities to study
Cons: Long working hours

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Team Player,Goal Driven and Target driven

I make outbound calls to existing customers and market Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones, upsell and Handle objections the whole day. Work well within a team environment. I have learnt that in this industry what you put in you get out and you determine your own salary. I have also learn that we fight and make up as the enemy is the Dialer no the Co-Worker. a Successful day is what I Enjoy the most and even the Failures make your stronger than the day before. Objection Handling and rejection handling.

Pros: to welcome new customers would be a great step
Cons: Lack Communication by managers to staff

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Excellent short courses

Company like to grow the staff. Sending them on courses.Multi task able to do 3 people's work. Worked very well with the team. Traveling was a bit of a problem but enjoyed working at home choice. Learning is big for the company by studying further.

Pros: Great people, teamwork,
Cons: No promotions, lack of communication

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At Homechoice i have learn to deal with irate customers

My relationship with ma co-workers is good as i am a team player. i have learn to deal with difficult customers What i enjoy most :is when we are given a time off Challenging aspects:would be to sell to existing customer that have bad experiecnce about the company and to convince the buy product whereas they already paying for other products

Pros: sor far i have not been offered any promotion
Cons: i dont mind working long hours if i get paid for overtime.

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I like new challenges or new learning curves

Over my years i have learnt to deal with all types of clients , i have come to know clients for example i would know when a client is a feeler or i know when to ask open ended or closed questions i only want to work for a reputable company and make it to the top

Pros: i aim to achieve my best
Cons: i love putting in extra hours just to meet my target

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When they put me on administration support

When I started I was a normal customer service agent then unskilled me to do back office emails. Short deliveries, goods return, warehouse enquiry,follow ups and take calls and upsel

Pros: the people I work with we like a family
Cons: the traveling is very far

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