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Good experimental opportunities

I believe in myself, highly energetic and get determined when I do my jobs. One of my greatest strengths I've acquired during my current job is good analytical and planning skills ability to prioritize full commitment to my work Having good interpersonal skills I'm well organized and like to be neat with all of my work I have great communication skills. being always punctual This has always benefited me to set goals and try to achieve them. But at the same time, I'm driven by the thoughts of success.

Pros: I need a challenging work to expand my knowledge further and to be able to perform at my best
Cons: I am able to work flexible hours and overtime and also ready to relocate anytime

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This job would fit in exactly in the type of job I would like to do in the long term.

A typical working day would start by checking that every aspect of the business is up to date and in order; checking and answering e-mails, seeing that cash, orders, receiving and delivering of goods are in order. One must also be on top of needs and requirements of staff and co-workers. In the industry I have learnt that the only way to prevent problems is to have all your work up to date and in case a problem comes along, to deal with it right away. Customers have to be happy and satisfied at all times in order for them to come back to the store time after time. I really enjoy working with people (both employees and customers) and believe that true job satisfaction comes from giving your best at all times. The most challenging part of work is probably dealing with conflicting personalities in the best way and also to minimize theft and wastage, but all of that is part of being a good manager.

Pros: This job would be great because one could build the store up together with a good team.
Cons: There are no cons as far as I can tell, because being able to workis a privilege.

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My capabilities

Working for myself as Self Employed. I've got a small team working for me. I'm trying to be always on site unless I've got to see clients or buy material. We work if there's work and have fun afterwards, we respects the clients privacy and belongings. We leave the premises in a clean manner and try to be of the premises before the client return from work. If I quoted 5 days for a project to be finished and its finished in 3 days my workers is getting paid for 5 days. I call it inspirational bonus. They work harder and make sure the work is right the first time. We don't normally work on week ends unless we have to. Family time is important for me. So yes we don't play around and make sure the client don't have anything to complaint about. This is building a special relationship between the client and myself.

Pros: The workers that perform more get a special bonus and if I have to leave the site for some reason take charge of the site for the time I'm not present.
Cons: We normally start to work at 7 am and nock of at half past 4 pm.

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Team player, fast learner, business acumen, ethical

Paying attention to detail, ability to work under pressure not losing sight of accuracy while meeting deadlines. Accountability in preparation and review of monthly audit files. Analytical ability with problem solving skills. Upholding ethical standards inline with the accounting profession. Ability to work well within the team as well as delivery of work tasks individually. Learnt to work under pressure in deadline driven environment

Pros: Great opportunity to grow as an accountant
Cons: Repetitive tasks

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Please see cv

Very Positive and Rewarding essential service daily or weekly to customers. Well established cleaning and garden service company in the Pretoria East area. To work with staff and customers daily is a blessing.

Pros: Self-Employed
Cons: To motivate staff and satisfy clients.

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Working on fast paced environment

A typical work day consists of reviewing documents, liasing with regional staff and managers. Accuracy while overseeing correct input of regional accounting entries, analyse system balances. Great team player, ability to work on my own completing work tasks and meeting reporting deadlines. Efficient, eye for detail, thorough and accountable.

Pros: Opportunity to develop accounting skills
Cons: Repetitive tasks

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Excellent learning curve

Great company to work for. Great company to work for. Great company to work for. Great company to work for. Great company to work for. Great company to work for. Great company to work for.

Pros: Great opportunity for growth
Cons: Long working hours

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Good people skills and good knowledge in this field

Good day I have knowledge in building management and maintenance In electrical and plumbling,capentry,welding,access control. I think it will be a benefit to the company and it will safe costing on maintenance contractors. Regards Willem Erasmus 0844858178

Pros: Great opportunities
Cons: Long working ours

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General worker/ handyman

I am self-employed for the last 10 years. Part of my duties is to do general work at a school in Balfour (for the past 3 years and 6 months). I do maintenance on the school buildings and the hostel. I do painting, minor plumbing, reparations of ceilings, installation of windows, roof sealing. I work with a staff of about 40 educators and I also assist the generl worker at the school.I have a good relationship with all the staff members as well as the principal and I also do many private jobs for most of the educators. I report to th school principal or the Head of Department (buildings and schoolground) I also do carpentry work and take pride in my work. I have regular costomers who bring old furniture for restoration or to be fixed. I am able to work under pressure. The most challenging aspects of my job is to be able to get all my work done so that I earn a sufficient income at the end of the month. ( I bill the school at the end of each month)

Pros: I would like to earn a monthly salary with benifits
Cons: I stay in Balfour where my wife is an educator, and I will have to travel every day.

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Influence and leader

I do various activities since I am self-employed. There is no pressure, I work at my own pace and time as long as I get the job done. I have create friends that I usually brainstorm with if I am planning to work on the next business venture. I am very relaxed and flexible, dedicated and creative. I like public speaking hence I mentor young girl.

Pros: Business opportunities and travelling
Cons: none

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