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I've learn a lot since I'v joined this compony

in pick n pay I basically make sure the stock is taken out from stock room to the shop floor where costomers will find it easier to whatever they want.I enjoy working there because we work jointly n united .

Pros: there is opportunity for promotion
Cons: we work limited hours

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Good place to work at and has vibe

I am a hard worker and since I joined Pick n Pay I do know how it means to be a hard worker, I have learned so many things there. Now I know how to treat and help a customer and how to approach them. And even the managers that I work with they are very friendly and they give me the motivation to work hard and be like them, I am a big dreamer and I want to see my very successful, and things for myself and put bread on the table at home.

Pros: Excellent promotions
Cons: Lazy staff members

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Fast learner

I enjoyed working at pick n pay and everyone was friend easy to work with I have learn a lot how to treat o communicate with people and always respect and apologize even if you not wrong just to make peace at working place and most importantly is work hard and your work will reward you Waking up everyday and going to work with good people always laughing Challenge thing working with customer's but u have to try to understand the custom and find solution instead of fighting

Pros: Don't bring your personal staff at work and always handle things in a professional way
Cons: 9-8 hours

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Hard worker

I need job I have some experience on how to work as a general assistant and am a hard worker with good customer communication skills my number is 0834321966 pls contact me back

Pros: Merchandise
Cons: Long hours

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Dealing with customers can be difficult sometimes

One of the things that I have learned in this field is that even if you deliver services with a smile and humanity well when the customer is not in the mood with you, you can't push it. All that you have to do is keep on smiling and showing gratitude. Some days are good and some are bad but if you love what you do, you'll hang in there and carry on with your work.

Pros: When you reach 5 years in the company you become permanent
Cons: More income

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You work very hard but t the end of the month get paid a little salary

Working at pick n pay has taught me a lot on how to handle different kinds of people on daily bases,working under pressure when when its monthend ,making sure that customers are alwys happy,communicate well with my colleaques and always being punctual kmowing everything inside the company.dealing with aggresive customers and handling conflict

Pros: thers no great opportunities for promotion they dont really recognise your work or appreciate it
Cons: working long hours,working on weekends and holidays

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Customer Service

Working on a such a big company like Pick n Pay has been a great honor. I learnt a lot of things when it comes to customers service. I have learnt how to meet up with customer demands and needs, as well as satisfy them professionally. I enjoyed a lot working with people and I have learnt on how to deal with different behaviors from different people. I had a good relationship with my co-workers as they taught me much about team work. There were also challenges along with this journey such as dealing with the most difficult customers. Though it was challenging dealing with difficult customers, but at the end I managed to know how to handle such situations.

Pros: Perfect place to learn more about customer service
Cons: Few opportunities for promotion

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Excellent learning curve

Great company to work for, but it is not what it used to be. Used to care about it's employees, but the bottom line, is all they care about. Transformation and employment equity is not happening like in all the other provinces.

Pros: Stability
Cons: Long working hours

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It is a productive and funny workplace

It is a good company and they are very professional.It is a great place to be,they train u about the work ethics of the company and what is expected from u as a member of the management team.We have learn to love and respect each other as a family of the company.My co-workers are friendly and professional,it takes lot of effort to work at receiving because there is lot of pressure,It is also great to work with pressure and I enjoying myself here.

Pros: Fair breaks
Cons: working an overtime but not getting paid for the hours

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Learning curve

Typical day is good under the circumstances Work well with people have a good personality and very reliable Learned to cope under pressure Enjoy my work and the people i meet during my shift To get the job done in a certain amount of time

Pros: Great oppurtunity
Cons: Nightshift

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