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Good place to work at and has vibe

I am a hard worker and since I joined Pick n Pay I do know how it means to be a hard worker, I have learned so many things there. Now I know how to treat and help a customer and how to approach them. And even the managers that I work with they are very friendly and they give me the motivation to work hard and be like them, I am a big dreamer and I want to see my very successful, and things for myself and put bread on the table at home.

Pros: Excellent promotions
Cons: Lazy staff members

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I've learn a lot since I'v joined this compony

in pick n pay I basically make sure the stock is taken out from stock room to the shop floor where costomers will find it easier to whatever they want.I enjoy working there because we work jointly n united .

Pros: there is opportunity for promotion
Cons: we work limited hours

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Dealing with customers can be difficult sometimes

One of the things that I have learned in this field is that even if you deliver services with a smile and humanity well when the customer is not in the mood with you, you can't push it. All that you have to do is keep on smiling and showing gratitude. Some days are good and some are bad but if you love what you do, you'll hang in there and carry on with your work.

Pros: When you reach 5 years in the company you become permanent
Cons: More income

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Learning curve

Typical day is good under the circumstances Work well with people have a good personality and very reliable Learned to cope under pressure Enjoy my work and the people i meet during my shift To get the job done in a certain amount of time

Pros: Great oppurtunity
Cons: Nightshift

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Learning curve

Long working hours and short lunch and tea breaks. Every month end you query about salary and unpaid over time. Promotion is only for some people who r not doing nothing

Pros: No promotions
Cons: Unpaid over time

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Excelent learning curve

working on urgent issues while attending to customers, close relationship so issues are ironed out quicker, I have learnt disciplinary procedures and hearings, the day to day unpredictability, making the most of the time you have in a day at work

Pros: development and progress
Cons: proper time manaement ,and you lose touch with the world

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Excellent learning skill

Start at 8 and greet everyone.Then start to do orders and finalizing.Then do floor walks through the shelfs.Pack stock where needed and continue on throughout the day... I'm a fast learner and great co-worker skill If learnt alot so far I enjoy working hard and being active and learn new stuff every day

Pros: You have to be up to your game and snap fast
Cons: Will work anytime long hours and working hours doesn't effect me

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Exellent learning curve

By working at Pick n Pay I have a roof over my head and food on my table,basic needs are met. I have learned alot and it adds more experience to my cv.

Pros: learn alot, adds more to my cv
Cons: short hours, not apprieciated, overlooked

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I have learned to adapt to working as a team member and handling customers at all times

Having to work with customers, I believe in giving 100% customer services at all times, time management and ability to work under pressure, my job kept me at my feet at all times and to able to come up with new ideas every day, working long hours, therefore my caree life comes before my personal life, preparing meals for the deli counter and able to assist customers has become my passion, adhere to health and safety rules and regulations. Assisting the supervisor and being the team leader in my department its the skills I have achieved, works well with team members and management, willing to go an extra mile.

Pros: supervisor level
Cons: long working hours

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Excellent networking place

It's a good place for networking,I have a very good relationship working with my co-workers and my managers,but I do enjoy even if am working as an individual,I have learnt many things respect,keeping a clean and safe environment for customers most of all learning the SAP system using a pc was quite interesting,and the most challenging aspects about a retail company is maintaining merchandise,because there's lot of theft we have too look for merchandise and make sure if it is still in order or we short of stock.

Pros: great place for promotion
Cons: long working days

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