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Excellent learning curve

Working at pick n pay has taught me patience and good attitude, because i was unemployed and working there made me be open minded and being goal driven because i meet different people everyday and they come with smiles on their faces and their energies get into me, i am a peoples person so i get along with everyone a work. Customers can be difficult but i hv learnt to always put the customer first and to always make sure he customer leaves the store happy.

Pros: Gaining Experience
Cons: the salary is little whereas hours are long

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Work at pick n pay

As a cahier it is very important to make sure we i do my job or any task that is given to me to the best of my ability and as a cahier we must have good concentrarion and avoid going short or over we must make sure out service that we give out must be the service we want to recive

Pros: there is growth and promotions
Cons: long hours

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Good customer service with good on cashier skills and cash office work.

I am an ambitious,strong,loyal and good listern who is self motiveted person. My skills are good communication,telephone,computer and customer service skills.i have good attention to detail well spoken person. And been a team player is wht i strive for yet i can just work efficiency on my own. My type of job im interested in our Receptionist,cashier,customer service and Admin clerk. I enjoy working in group or alone im not a choose person i love working with people. My challenge are that i am an work alcoholic i love working even when is not work time.

Pros: Great leardership
Cons: 8 hours

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answering queries via telephone for the most of the day; happy when I can solve a problem; had great growth in the company; everyday is different as you not know what query may arise

Pros: growth and development
Cons: not really promotion

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Great exposure to industries outside retail

Regular communication (meetings) with the supplier about Service Levels Monitoring Stock Availability Contacting stores on performance Management of Data Communication with the Junior Buyer, Buyer's Assistant, Administration Clerks on tasks to be completed I enjoy the challenge the job offers, to achieve margin and sales targets

Pros: Great opportunities to understand production industry
Cons: External factors that impact our goals.

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Skills offering

It's exhausting with long hours, often having to do things like supervising whilst not being paid for it. Other workers co operate others never do. I enjoy serving the customers and learning new skills and tricks in and about the new regulations. Challenges when you are not part of the favorites of the seniors and you don't get recommendations for upper positions

Pros: trainee manager promotion
Cons: long hours

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I SIPHIWO VELINKOMO like to be part of your company I'm willing to learn also I'm a fast learner like challenges, heard worker, honest friendly. I have experience of working as scanning clerk also, cashier, Packer. I work for Shoprite 7 years so I do have a lot of experience when it comes to retails

Pros: I thing I'm a right person for this position as I have experience of it and I can take your company to the next level in one year
Cons: 08:00 to 18:00

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Understanding of using system Application program

Like i said i am a fast learner and very committed in my job and i like going extra mile so that I can make my superior happy at all times. I don't want to anger my superior in anyway and i don't want to be a failure in what am tasked to do, because of my hard worker i was nominated for employee of the year for 2010 by Management and i was happy to achieve that award

Pros: Inventory clerk
Cons: 6 hours

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Excellent learning curve

I would describe myself as a positive, responsible, intelligent, leader, team player, driven, compassionate, self-motivated, reliable, committed and loyal personage. I am highly creative, artistic individual, with good flamboyance for innovative ideas and a team player who thinks out of the box who is geared up to learn new trends on an ongoing basis. I am an organised individual, I attentively pay attention to detail and my work is always of a high standard and excellent quality. I work well as an individual and a team player. A communicator at all levels and a fast learner with strong record in self-learning and fast paced. I’m interested in a job or career which allow for me to use the skills I’ve obtained if not enhance my knowledge in both a creative and flexible field.

Pros: Great opportunity to discover what retail was all about
Cons: No room for further growth

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Fast learbing curve flat structure

High staff turrnover leads to a lot of movement and allows trainees to quickly start running their own departments. Fubd environment to work in. Management structure is very flat and there is not much room for growth into management level.

Pros: Enjoyable work environment
Cons: Low potential for growth inti management

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