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Fast learbing curve flat structure

High staff turrnover leads to a lot of movement and allows trainees to quickly start running their own departments. Fubd environment to work in. Management structure is very flat and there is not much room for growth into management level.

Pros: Enjoyable work environment
Cons: Low potential for growth inti management

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Excellent learning curve

I would describe myself as a positive, responsible, intelligent, leader, team player, driven, compassionate, self-motivated, reliable, committed and loyal personage. I am highly creative, artistic individual, with good flamboyance for innovative ideas and a team player who thinks out of the box who is geared up to learn new trends on an ongoing basis. I am an organised individual, I attentively pay attention to detail and my work is always of a high standard and excellent quality. I work well as an individual and a team player. A communicator at all levels and a fast learner with strong record in self-learning and fast paced. I’m interested in a job or career which allow for me to use the skills I’ve obtained if not enhance my knowledge in both a creative and flexible field.

Pros: Enhanced my customer skills
Cons: No room for further growth

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I am approaching 8 years to the above mentioned Company without being recognized and i always go extra miles with my job and i even become on hands to my superior. Iam dedicated and passionate about my job and i take my job very seriously

Pros: No promotions
Cons: 6 hours per day

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Hardworking,,computer skills,,good team work

My company it a big name which pick n pay,we care about our customers, without them there is no business. We sell quality food..evry employees are happy to work for pick n pay

Pros: Opportunity
Cons: Long hours

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Excellent at any task or job

I'm a hard working person who is dedicated and a quick learner at any task or job I'm a perfectionist at anything set before me also bringing efficiency and punctuality with professionalism that are key aspects which describes my nature. I have a code 8 drivers license with vehicle with no violations or any criminal record.

Pros: great opportunity for work experience
Cons: long working hours

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Good communication

I'm a person people I enjoying with people I had a good relationship with my co-workers What I have learn is that working with people it's challenging but easily when you always friendly to them .

Pros: Office administration promotion
Cons: 11 hours

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Excellent learning curve

I am very passionate about making sushi ,giving customers not a pleasant exquisite taste of Asian cuisine but also get to communicate with them and convince them to try out new types of sushi that they end up loving and can't get enough of

Pros: Great opportunity for promotion
Cons: Long working hours

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Great learning and introduction to the working world.

A typical day at work starts at 7am and ends at 5pm. During the day, one will run reports, sign off adverts as well as to review financial performance. Co workers are very kind and have a good willingness to assist. In my department, knowledge sharing is highly prevalent. I have learnt the art of reporting. I enjoy working with numbers. I am challenged by the advertising aspect of the role.

Pros: Knowledge sharing
Cons: Graduate Programme Theory

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Good learning environment

Its a normal working environment where u meet different people each day.learning to work with others as well as providing excellent customer service.There are qualities needed to do so which are qualities i learned while working there which are humidity,respect and patience.The variety of smiling faces i see every day makes my day.The challenges are there like when its month end,more work while other customers are calm and others are furious and in a hurry.That is when you need to use those qualities and keep on smiling.

Pros: Safe working environment
Cons: Less hours

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Excellent quick in learning

I began working in a company called Leroy Merlin its a french company from France where i started my intern and doing duties of being salesperson,cashier,and admin assistant. my relationship with my co-workers is great i'm treating everyone like family and i cared a lot about them we were working together as a build good team. i have learnt that hard work pays and learnt how to overcome obstacles and deal with challenging and maintaining a safe and clean place to work to. i enjoyed most the challengese that built me and the communication i was getting inn a company What challenged me most was not getting enough time to be at work because weekend i was not being at work and that time was not learning new things and that wasted time will never return.

Pros: becoming a department manager
Cons: reduce stress for employees,employee isolation

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