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Working for this company have me a huge opportunity to improve my skills.

My name is njabulo, I am very dedicated and hard working individual, I can work under pressure and I can work with a group of people. I finish what I started it my task.

Pros: There is a room to grow in the company
Cons: But they don't pay for over time

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It is a good learning experience because it didn't limit me

it is a good company with a proper working environment ensuring that they provide good, quality service to the customer and making sure that the customer is happy.

Pros: there is an opportunity for growth within the company
Cons: meeting deadlines when they are too many obstacles

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- Morning until Afternoon, I wait for calls logged in from different clients - Call logged such as a new LAN to be installed takes about 30 minutes to an hour depending on the positioning of the LAN point to be placed. - Some of the tools we work with are heavily damaged that they are not user friendly, and the management wants us to use them regardless their condition.

Pros: No Pros
Cons: -Provide our own working tools

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Well the company is great but i need a new challege to better myself

Well i would like to work with people who are willing to go the extra mile assisting clients as we need to keep the business flowing. Also work with responsible people as responsibility is everything

Pros: Car allowance
Cons: Satrurdays and holidays Work days

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Working with people

I work daily to ensure that members utilize and receive the optimal benefits of the product they have signed up for through various methods of engagement: - allocating campaigns to our call center four outbound campaigns -scheduling events resourcefully to allow events team to meet event targets and participation numbers -assigning various sms campaigns to address health and fitness topics for the month -Designing and implementing fitness challenges to keep departments and members engaged on the program engaging members is challenging but the trick is understanding the demographics and using that to your advantage to meet customer expectations and maximize the brand

Pros: Helping others
Cons: Error in communication

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Installation of software. Diagnosis

A competent I.t support with proven track record providing technical and helpdesk support. Extensive experience working working in back office support helping clients and colleague to resolve any technical issues. I am efficient to strive to any challenge given to me. Ability to work under pressure and meet deadline. Ability to work in a team and alone.

Pros: Working for eoh I gain lots of experience in different departments. I have in the field and remote support.
Cons: Working in the project long hours . No time to upgrade .

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Good experience

Very busy environment with various clients from different industries- meaning versatile exposure and diversity- challenging aspects includes dealing with unions and convincing senior personnel to abide by legislation in order to attain full compliant with EE Act and SD Act

Pros: good experience and travelling
Cons: work overload

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Acceptional learning

It is a great company to work in and learn more dimension in the industry, but the payment is not so good. The division I am working for is not pay what is should pay, we are under paid and overworking.

Pros: no oppotunitie
Cons: standard working hours

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Excellent Experience in various industries

My typical work day compromises of dealing with over 300 divisions. I actively engage with them to resolve queries, and to collate monthly reporting information for both exco and government.My relationship is exceptionally good. I have learnt how to work around certain individuals who have a difficult time dealing with pressure and handling difficult tasks. What I really love about my roles is that I have the flexibility and trust from individuals. I learn and share ideas and solutions together, which makes each project better. I also had to deal with system, individual, working long hours, family and data challenges. I managed to work a process in terms of dealing with these areas.

Pros: I worked across a vast area of expertise's, Hospitality, Education, IT, IT management, General, HR, Legal, Management consultants, Business processes, etc.
Cons: we worked long hours, but it was really worth the effort. We always get the time of later.

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I am a dedicated person who looks for strategies to improve processes, to make them faster yet efficient and more profitable. I am also willing to learn more and be productive at all times with the need to establish myself in an exciting dynamic environment.

Pros: Good Oppotunity
Cons: long hours

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