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It was a great company i really enjoyed working there.even if the salary was so little but i managed to get a lot of experience to the company My relationship with my co workers was good even though it was tough sometimes to get along with them because of their behaviour towards each other not getting paid on time.and it affected my job because I had to do reports.

Pros: good
Cons: 8h00-16:30

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Ive learn how to deal with people's rights.

I'm doing the Admin duties eg:ms word ,ms excel ,ms out look ,Reports,drafting letters,Transferring and receiving calls ,Faxing ,scanning ,Welcoming and greeting guests, My relationship with my co-workers was good i enjoy working with them I've learn how colleagues are supposed to treated,peoples rights , Admin duties which I've mentioned them above. What i've enjoyed most is that i had a good relationship with people that i'm working with. The most challenging aspects of the job was where by people would resign at our Union we would gain less at the end of the month.

Pros: yes
Cons: 9 hours

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