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Lots of oppotunities to grow.

woolworths its a good compony to work, and the people there are friendly and easy to work. and i have leaned lot of skill through these years i worked for woolworthsd. and what i enjoy most is intating with customers and resolving thier quireis.

Pros: woolworths is got lot of oppotunities for emmpoyees as i started as till operator now i am a manager.
Cons: no long working hours as we work 8hours a day and 40 hours a week.

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Currently the Operations Team Leader of Woolworths The Club Waterkloof. I oversee all Operations duties and Act as an Operations Manager, when my Operations Manager is on leave, My work has resulted in getting recognition for my Store Manager. The following are some of the competencies I offer: Strong managerial and oversight skills, I expertly direct a team of 10 employees, Security, Cleaners, Trolley Collectors and My Operations Assistant. Due to the varying set of skills of the staff and level of professional expertise, I work with each group to promote their strengths and provide opportunities to learn and grow. With a comprehensive operations background I have revised shift schedules to have a strong team on a daily base, successfully operations that are effective and efficient.

Pros: Yes
Cons: Yes

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Leaning oppotunity

I work 8hours a day,we have a very good working relationship with my coleagues and I have learned how to handle different types of people and also gained the problem solving skill. I enjoy helping people and mostly elders.I also give the stuff training where is needed.The challenge is when you have to handle a difficult customer and also when you have to work under pressure.

Pros: There are no oppotunities for growth
Cons: working night hours

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very good working place and very friendly people and very good oppotunities to grow. because i strated as a till operator now i am hot foods department coodinator and still have an open oppotuniteis to grow even more .

Pros: good
Cons: none

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Good experiance

Its great pleassure working with Woolworths even though you have to deal with difficult customers BT it is a good challenge ,and respect for each other at work makes our day go very well ,and Woolworths did teach me a lot in giving a good customer sevirce and I enjoy communicating and being friendly towards my customers ,

Pros: growth
Cons: long working hours

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Regional HRBP

Nose to tail experience of the entire HR value chain. Huge project implementation. Continual learning ad upskilling. Compliance with legislation. Established brand and sold values.

Pros: Excellent training
Cons: Extensive travel

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Nozipho's review about woolworths Ladysmith

My days at work are hectic, I deal with different customers with different personalities and some frustrated, at times it becomes difficult when a customer shouts at me but I manage to keep my professionalism and add value to customers, we are a group of friendly employees and our manager is people centred, the relationship with my co- workers is very good and I enjoy the laughs and jokes that we share during our lunch breaks, the hours are very challenging considering the pay and having to work Sunday's and not going to church.

Pros: buying at staff rate
Cons: long hours

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Working keys.

The company is a very busy place. One needs to be very Humble, Energetic and Patient. The working environment is a healthy one. The are days where by we work under pressure and you must be a team player and go an extra mile. To get the job done on time and making everyone happy including yourself.

Pros: You need to Attach youself and work had to be recognized for a position.
Cons: over time is always communicated before hand

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Learning how to handle people with different types of problems.

I shows a keen interest in tackling problems, finding the best possible and most positive way to solve them.I am motivated, trainable, hardworking, a quick leaner, career driven and big on job creation. I do possesses the ability to lead as well as work under pressure. I love people in general. I do get along with all genders and cultures.

Pros: Able to grow, depending on the person
Cons: Late shift

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Visual merchandiser specialist

My typical work for the day start from in the morning is to do hygiene in all my visual displays, then followed by 20% in my department and to check the sell outs for recovery. I work so much better with my co-worker and the sales consultant and replanisher. I have learnt to make a decision for what to sell when the launch stock is not available, being creative and thinking outside the box. I enjoy doin my work because i have passion in fashion and I love dealing with customers. Challenges that I face on a daily basis are mostly when there's no stock available for what I have displayed and I have to substitute with something similar and it's not on a launch for de week and when we are preparing for major launches like summer, Christmas and winter and special events because we have to work long hours and make sure we implement the exact way the head office have designed their launch and how he store should look like

Pros: Great opportunity for promotion
Cons: Long working hours and overtime

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