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I am always willing to learn new things , love work that is challenging .

i work from 8 to 4 on daily basis face to face interaction with clients. i have a very good relationship with co-workers help each other lean new things everyday. I never knew other languages and have leant through talking to client of different cultures and race. i enjoy working with clients they make you to be strong cause not all client come to the office happy you have to listen to them even if when they are shouting at you or swearing the customer is always right and you have to make sure that every client walks out happy receive good service . most challenging aspect is you have to make decisions on your own that will not impact on the business take ownership and put yourself into customers shoes.

Pros: growth through difference divisions
Cons: working overtime

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Data capture, filling, admin work. controlling new business

advertising and marketing new product in the insurance company , new policy e.g, funeral policy, investment, and life cover, retirement, hospital plan, and also can offer an loan to the clients, offer share to potential clients.

Pros: controlling the pending NTU and lapses
Cons: 9 hours

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Exellent learning curve

My typical day at work would be prospecting of clients meaning I would be calling to make appointments then do so administration then I would go out to make money by meeting clients. I had a very good relationship with my manager as he he was the one who had to review my cases submitted and we would normally have one on one meetings every week to discuss business and my progress. I think I enjoy the drive and whole target related situation as it pushes me to go out and do better but in general my job was stressfull because without any clients I don't get paid.

Pros: Meet a lot of different people and you are able to adapt to different people.
Cons: Commission based salary

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Excellent culture and exposure to HR Function

Sanlam has been a great learning curve and have been exposed to great new ways of internal client interaction within HR. We have a great culture where we have the autonomy to make decisions and work independently.

Pros: Financial Services Industry is fast pased
Cons: Constant change in the industry

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Mature, reliable and consistent in approach.

As a Financial Advisor, you have to find new Clients/Orphan clients to serve and assist with their financial goals. The main objective is to establish the financial needs and solution. As most clients do not understand it themselves, it could take up a lot of one's time to do the administration and paperwork with no financial gain. This frustrates all of the advisors. It is not easy to build trust and obtain the correct information (it's time-consuming and competitive). In the meantime you have to be able to support yourself financially. The first 3-years in the industry is hectic, therefore it is stressful and you have to have a positive attitude among one another and towards the industry. It is expected of you to attend regular training sessions, meetings, etc. You are always learning. Like all of us, we get a feeling of accomplishment, once a policy has been issued and a client has provided for his/her unforeseen circumstances. The position is not office-based nor office hours.

Pros: To build up a practice
Cons: Commission based only, timeously and costly

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No growth from PA.

I think that Sanlam is a good company with great career opportunities and offers the public wonderful insurance packages that are trusted by a lot. This company has enabled me to grow in the administration field and made me the person I am today.

Pros: n/a
Cons: n/a

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Under a lot of pressure and having to meet very tight deadlines

the company works hard into developing it's employees and has such great history behind it and there's a great network with in the company I have learnt a great deal for the financial services due to the knowledge passed down to us as new people the giant of this industry have shared a great deal of insight and taught us' the in's and outs of business which I will always treasure about the company they big in developing young minds and play a massive role in educating us to be giants ourselves I personally am grateful to the company for the insight and knowledge.

Pros: self development and in turn great turn out for the company.
Cons: you dont have time to prioritise you always working

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Dear Sir/Madam My name is Lifa Enock Dhlamini (25) and married. I am a very successful Executive Sales Consultant who always plan ahead of his time to make sure his performance is constantly growing.I believe in greatness as well as quality and consistency. I am a goal driven young man who've achieved so many things in his age but still hungry for more. I am able to work under pressure, with people as well as by myself. Thank you for the opportunity you won't regret having me on board.

Pros: I create opportunities if there isn't one.
Cons: Hard and Smart working person.

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normal working hours good relationship co worker I have learnt a lot since I moved to Sanlam I enjoy the people the most challenging thing about my job is getting here otherwise it pretty good

Pros: growth
Cons: nothing much

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Excellent leaning curve

I first work at ARA as sales consultant ,then department closed down.I then work at comprehensive care group as a sales rep,the Company closed down.I then work for Real people(DMC) as a tracer and have been driving a company car over six years,duties i to drive around all your clients and do payment arrangements with them so they can pay their accounts.now I'm at sanlam doing sales and marketing funeral plan and investments and savings.I've always have a good relationship with my colleagues.I have learned a lot of skills and to treat a client with respect.I enjoy the working under pressure.the most challenging aspect of job is where by no basis salary only commission basis.and at the present time of my life I need work with the basic salary.I would rather do the commission work during my spare time and weekends

Pros: great opportunity
Cons: long work hours

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