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Good working place

Global direct is a good working place, it has taught me how to approach customers and how to approach them, the only thing I do not like about the company we work abnormal hours starting from 7 to 6. Otherwise I love working there because we get to meet new different people everyday and tell them about our product. Another thing is easy for one to be promoted only if you work hard.

Pros: easy to be promoted
Cons: very long working hours

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Excellent communication skills

I have been able to communicate well with my co- workers and we were able to encounter any difficulties. It was very much helping to work with other people and they taught me more about how to handle difficult customers or clients and I can proudly say I can overcome every bad situation in a work place.

Pros: Great bonuses
Cons: Long working hours

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Greatest opportunity

A very great company to work for and have learnt a lot of management and leadership skills from the company. Their management is very supportive structure and has my goals and dreams in check all aligned with their business goals.

Pros: Earning potential is very high
Cons: Working almost everyday

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Good work ethics

The work I am doing is good as I have promoted my self from introvert to the best communication representative . at times I will have to do the work on behalf of my coworkers for meeting deadline. It is challenging when you always under pressure and still not , and still see the need to look after other people so that your team be seen cool. I love it samtimes it made me to be a full responsible employee who has no issues with mistakes at work , but always willing to plan ahead.

Pros: 100% commission
Cons: Over working

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Am a fast learner

Am passionate , hard working ,dedicated willing to learn any project that will be provided to my knowledge .I can work under pressure , persuading my career to reach my short , medium or long goals , am reliable , honesty to any application that will up come to my table .

Pros: any opportunity
Cons: 8 to 10 hours

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Excellent oportunities for growth and development

Good communication skills both written and verbal, have the ability to thrive under pressure. Very passionate about sales and customer service, working with people is my passion. Very empathetic and tolerant when dealing with customers as well as staff.

Pros: Great benefits and oportunities
Cons: Long working hours

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It was a great learning experience.

Working at Global direct has been great for me it has tought me how interact with people and how to approach clients. The office motto is enthusiasm everyone is always excited and ready to deal with whatever life or the business throws at them.

Pros: Great opporunity for growth and promotion.
Cons: Long hours.

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Hard working and putting in more time and doing what ever it takes to reach daily goals

Hard working and secrefise and being detained about your goals and your future . Being fear less and do what ever it takes and willing to go extra mile. The best part is that promotions every week and willing to go for events and meet the V P of the company and the work inviornment is good. Juice attitude mortivation . Working extra hours the most challenging in this job u never have time for family you r always going up and down. I have learned if you put your mind to it you can achieve many things

Pros: Yes
Cons: Yes

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Excellent learning curve .. positive growth

Well I have good relationship with coworkers because my goal is to see myself accomplishing mandate , such as to see the job done . I have positive energy ability to energise others ,happy to work with team ,positive attitude its what describe me .

Pros: create opportunity for promotion and high commission after getting sales
Cons: long working hours .. working on weekends

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Great learning experience

It was a good position teaching and training others it was done on a daily basis so your able to be a teacher but you won't forget to stay a learner yourself.you have an opportunity to learn the system of the business and apply it .what your taught your able to use that on your life forever..when you grown on the business you teach others like your next owners that Will be the duplicate you want to have in a life time.

Pros: teaching and training
Cons: long working hours even on weekends

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