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Not bad for a lerning curve

Receive and process phone calls, Greet and process applicants and visitors, Administer skills evaluations, Provide office clerical support, Recruiting and retention of associates, Answer the telephone in a prompt and courteous manner, Determine the nature of the caller's business and direct the call to the appropriate person, Record accurate and complete messages and promptly relay them to the intended person, Applicant inquiring about a job, Associate calling in available for work, Prospect or client calling in a job order, Prospect or client returning a service or sales call, Be sure to greet and welcome all visitors and applicants in a consistently friendly and professional manner, Determine the nature of the visit and advise appropriate person in the office, Dispense all employment application materials and prepare the applicant for the amount of time that it will take to complete, Direct applicant flow and maintain documentation, Telephone Inquiry Call, In Person Inquiry Call, Online Applications

Pros: None
Cons: Everything

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Promoted to a Specialist

Working on R80000 target monthly I am currently working as a Specialist Recruiter (Generalist) for Khuboni Placements/Express Employment Professionals; I have previously worked as a Recruitment Consultant for Banqobi Consulting & Projects and Evolve Personnel as well; Prior to that, I have worked as a Volunteer Recruitment Consultant/Data Capturer for Destiny Driven; I was also previously working as a Student Assistant/HR Assistant for the University of Johannesburg (Department of Industrial Psychology and People Management) assisting two Qualification Leaders with various HR and Admin routine; I have also worked as a Promoter/Brand Ambassador for Tradeway (a promotion company based in Johannesburg with major clients such as Pick ‘n Pay, KFC, Nestle, …) and I have another two years’ experience as a Supervisor in a Micro Credit firm (Retail & Banking Industry), three years’ experience as Sales consultant for Vodacom (Retail-shop) and two years’ experience working in a restaurant.

Pros: New challenge
Cons: None

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A day in the office

A day at the office consists of 8am morning brief of the week and day ahead outlining goals and strategy on performance. Driving the staff on calls, interviews, client meetings and overall business development. Weekly training to improve technique. Weekly meeting with the MD to revise budget and target to analyze the branches progression. Completing tender documents and attending briefing sessions. My main goal is to train, lead and drive business development in a target driven environment. My goal is to ensure that the work environment is professional and respectful with an open line of communication to allow for stress relief and guidance. In believe that you can be friendly but there is a strong line between friends and colleagues. I have learnt in a stressful environment to always have structure and to drive structure from start to finish. My most challenging aspects would be our company territory, niche, and level of role we are able to work within as per our brand structure.

Pros: Working with a team driven to meet targets
Cons: Structure of the brand is limiting

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Relocation opportunity

Busy adding value in terms of skills development and training. Apart fr audits and reports. Budgets and financial resources in relation to training. Assessments and reviews in line with recruitment ng

Pros: Location
Cons: Location

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Great place

Great place to gain experience especially for a first time worker like me, teaches you how to be precise and accurate in all the information provided you also learn how to be independent and push yourself to work at a certain speed

Pros: Flexibility to grow and many branches available if you want to relocate with the company
Cons: Strictly 8 to 5 hours not flexible at all

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Fast learning

I am working at Express Employment Professionals and our client is based at Transpharm Pharmaceutical in pretoria. My daily work includes daily absenteeism , follow ups , controlling leave applications, issuing of warnings, initiating hearing, daily admin, timesheets, etc. I have learned to work with people, to work under pressure and under no supervision. How to treat and talk with the employees, counselling them. I have a good communication and working skills and also have good relationship with my co-workers. having different challenges day by day and different experiences.

Pros: hard working
Cons: 7.30 - 17.00

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Not nice job termination

How can you grow or raise a family when you are always retrenchment or contract is terminated in 2years? I learned a lot, got on so well with my colleagues. The management doesn't look at your performance but look at faces so if you are not friends with them you will always be kicked to the curve.

Pros: Overtime to make extra money
Cons: Not being appreciated

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Not exploiting all my professional abilities

Every week is the same routine over and over again Not learning anything new lovely to liaise with our clients telephonically lovely work environment

Pros: calm but also busy sometimes
Cons: no room for growth

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Growing and Spreading my wings

As a young female who always thought I was a little timid quiet girl who has to stay out of the spotlight. When I got to Express I realized and surprised myself. I arrived as just a receptionist, a month later I was trained and promoted to a staffing consultant. And a year later trained and became a payroll administrator. I amazed myself, grew and outgrew the shy girl I was and became a confident and determined woman.

Pros: Ability to grow
Cons: Thin staff, almost working on a skeleton staff

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Pros: Gafsteue shsheue sjdjkf
Cons: Bsbdbd

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