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Excellent learning curve

Working at ERS Bio has required me to work amongst all the departments in the company from the customer care to sales, technical department and so on. In a daily basis I woUldale deal with many people be installed over the phone or with my work colleagues or the different banks when I would need to get information on my finance deals. I always maintain a good working relationship between myself and fellow workers fun and jokes when needed however full priority in my work and daily duties which included things such as sending out invoices for payments, following up on first and last 50% payments, liasing with the bank oname finance deals, doing office admin work ect.

Pros: Great experience for all roles I had to play within the organisation
Cons: Long working hours

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Great learning experience, actual work experience

Typicak working day is answering calls, assisting clients with queries. Good and friendly coworkers that are helpful. It's a fun but busy environment to work in. I have learnt the biometrics system, dealing with clients, importance of clientele management. Resolving clients queries gives a good sense of job well done. Most challenging aspects of the job are we interact with many otjer departments hence sometimes the pace of doing the job decreases. Difficult clients that make it impossible to help them.

Pros: Good experience and introduction to the working environment
Cons: Long working hours

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Hard work and challenging projects

I arrive early for work each day and use that time to mentally prepare for the day. I would make coffee and plan out my tasks for the day. As I run multiple projects simultaneously, I allocate appropriate time to spend on each client/project. I deal with coordinating functions of HR and Time and Attendance administrators on the client's end and ensure that they are adequately trained to use the software. My relationship with my co-workers is interactive and inquisitive. We work well and consult well together. I have learned how different companies and industries operate and how the company's software will improve the client's operations. I enjoy challenges brought forth and I enjoy helping clients use the software. The most challenging part of my job is to ensure that all documentation and communication is up to date as I run at least 5 projects at a time.

Pros: Great learning experience
Cons: Unstructured Management and sub-optimal business continuity model

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I work a 8 to 5 shift, and we sell Biometric systems and also set up appointments for outside sales agents to go and seethe clients on a normal day we are required to make 100 calls per day to cover or daily targets of 1 sale a day and 4 appointment, a target makes you driven and it teaches you how to be consistent in your job, I enjoy closing a deal and helping people with their quiries, challenging part is getting people to listen to you and give you their time but with the right words and explaining the need towards your product is fulfilling.

Pros: Great for promotions
Cons: Too much politics

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Excellent learning curve

A typical work day includes phoning of prospective clients and generating leads, I prefer not to form relationships with co-workers, I am here to work and not to make friends. I have learned that the Marketing industry is difficult to work in if you are not cut out for it. I enjoy talking with friendly and eager prospective clients.

Pros: Great opportunity for growth
Cons: Horrible work environment

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Sales Consultant the begining

I make cold calls over the phone and drop off profiles at possible clients. Email Update CRM Go to meetings - Introducing ERS to the client what we can offer them and that we sell a solution, not a product. Doing quotes Travel documents Site survey I love travelling. I love the people I work with we are an awesome team. We make jokes with each other and getting on tremendously. I also go out with senior consultants to observe and see how they sell. Training on the software and devices. I love meeting new people and to interact with them. I am truly a peoples person. What I hate most to sit in the office.

Pros: Can move up to Senior Sales
Cons: It is a difficult industry and the company is rather strict. ( I do not bash the company they gave me a great opportunity and I am very grateful)

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Learned how to work in a corporate structure

I mostly enjoy the travel and the relationships I have built with my fellow co workers. I've grown and learned alot in a corporate environment. Every day life would be: account management, Project management, training

Pros: Travelling
Cons: Horrible pay for the amount of work

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Great learning curve and great people

The duration of travel and expence is to much it is affecting my personal life getting home takes about 2 hours and so does traveling to work. Want to find something closer to home to free up some personal time in the evening as responsability is piling up especially with baby on the way.

Pros: Working relations are amazing
Cons: The travel duration from and to work.

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I see this opportunity as an excellent learning curve

Good day, My typical work day includes calling prospective customers, calling leads and working on CRM and Microsoft Office. I have a friendly disposition and thus get along well with co-workers. I have learned to work independently as well as in a team from time to time. What I enjoy the most of my work is speaking to friendly prospects that are willing to listen to what we have to offer The most challenging aspect of my job is to work with difficult potentials who are not willing to listen to what we offer.

Pros: Great learning curve
Cons: Don't see potential for growth

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