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Excellent learning curve

Great place to grow your career with friendly coworkers. Lot of social activities to build the teams and relations within the different departments. Approachable managers with the great support structure that groom's one. There's lot of delegations within managers and team leaders.

Pros: Great opportunity for growth
Cons: Promotions happen with same lateral salary

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Execellant Learning curve

Company is professional However management and staff form clicks Got on very well with co workers I loved dealing with different kinds of people and being able to save the company money Working with people who are not technically qualified and do not understand why a claim should or should not be paid

Pros: None
Cons: If you do not drink and socialise with management your areer opportunity are slim. Even if your work is faultless

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Excellent learning curve

I have learned a lot within the company and I have also grown a lot. I am however ready now for new challenges and experience. My job in a typical day would be to receive and process invoices received from suppliers and forwarding agents. Follow up on shipments. Check my co workers work. And see to the petty cash

Pros: I made a lot of friends
Cons: There wasn't any more growth

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Quick learner

I have learned better communication skills and know how to interact with different kind of people as a person who comes from humble beginnings I can say I have been tried and tested to my best potential

Pros: problem solver
Cons: I'm not afraid to work over time

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