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Vast array of departments to effect, great learning potential

I have a great relationship with colleagues. Not as much autonomy as I'd like. I've honed my sills in expectations of what corporate leaders would like to see. I enjoy working with young, and trying to teach them good business acumen.

Pros: Renewable energy is a sexy industry to be; effecting our blueprint and educating the wider public in living better lives. It resonates with my values.
Cons: Isolation between departments

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Great company but limited growth opportunities

A typical workday involved daily meetings, production challenges and solutions and data analysis. My relationship with the production operators was excellent though with members of the same level it was a little strained as my previous experience made me a threat. This used to manifest in various ways. However with the proper approach grievances were aired and an amicable way forward was found. The most important thing I learnt was information and about the renewable and alternative energy sector. This was a field I had no prior knowledge in and was happy to develop a thorough understanding o.f The most challenging aspect of the role was the 11 hour days and the constant bombardment of messages on WhatsApp on private cellphones. It felt as if there was little or no escape from work regardless if it was a holiday or time off.

Pros: Great experience
Cons: Long working hours

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Work very well under pressure / Meet deadlines/ To be patient

ToIam a smart worker. I always give my best in what i do. Always meet deadlines Work well together in team Work very well under pressure. s. Meet deadlines.

Pros: Teamwork
Cons: yes

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Learning curve experienced

I have a great relationship with my co-workers and also my suppliers, I love that we have flexible hours. I have learnt how the corporate environment works. the most challenging part of the job is that there is no growth and no benefits to keep employees motivated

Pros: we have flexi hours
Cons: no company benefits

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Low income

Hand to mouth salaries for junior positions. No room for promotion, for a certain group of people. There's however still room for improvement, it fairly a new company. The employees have strong relationships amongst themselves, which makes it easier for one to interact with them.

Pros: Generally nice employees
Cons: Workload is very high.

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Excellent Learning Curve

I am a well presented, articulate and capable person with a proven ability to provide the expected customer service and care required to ensure complete client satisfaction. I have a great sales track record and have always met my targets allocated. I am an excellent communicator, with the ability to relate to people at all levels. I am able to work autonomously but I enjoy working within a team when there is respect, integrity and total professionalism. I am able to work in a pressurised environment where targets need to be met. I thrive on fast paced, hands on working environment because I am energised and positive when I work. I am committed to achieving the best results in my professional life. I can be contacted on 079 652 4416

Pros: Great opportunity
Cons: 8 hours for the day

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Learning curve

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Pros: great opportunity
Cons: long working hours

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