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The corporate field

It was frustrating as the Knowledge from my seniors regarding work and time frames was absolutely way out In a day you have 15 departments and all is having maintenance that must be done and with 16 staff member's it was a nice challenge to get everybody to understand what they must do and ensuring you keep up with the work ethics and also do your Maintenance plan and test on a daily basis as well as work on scope off worx for tenders do measurements drawing up bill off quantity and set up meetings with contractors as well as ensuring stock for projecst is ordered and approving orders and control staff on a daily day basis. I have enjoyed my whole job in all out and have enjoyed working with the staff and ensuring that I build them to the high standards at all times and motivating them.

Pros: Even if their was no promotion with in my area I would have stayed on working at this company
Cons: I had only the area off corruption and Fraud that was my biggest concern in this company

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Hard and honest worker with strong morels

I am a dedicated positive individual, A team leader that is hard working, customer focused and orientated. I’ve been in the Hotel Managerial Industry for the past 20 Years. I call myself a dedicated, Honest, Competent and hard working with high expectations and morals not only for guest but for staff too, and able to well with no or very little supervision and remain calm under pressure. I have completed my Health and Safety and Food Hygiene Courses, COSCHH and Customer Service courses. I have 20 years experience in first Aid.

Pros: Would like to develop further
Cons: Not scared of hard work

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Excellent learning curve

I've been. Promoted from count attended to being a count clerk. Worked for and have 12 years experience in the administration department. Helping in the finance department was my role model too.

Pros: Great opportunities for promotion
Cons: Long working hours

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