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Safety officer

My name is david blaau and i have 8 years experience in fmcg "wearhouseing " and 2 years experience in construction sites as a safety officer I love to solve problems I never fail my audits I also like to help employees when ever i see there is something i can do When ever an employee need first aid i am always there to help them I have learned alot about health and safety when i was on the construction sites it is less paper work but more observations and inspection work to be done At imperial more paper work incidents investigation work on all the equipment on site and the racking inspection every day toolbox talk ens but i love my work as a safety officer

Pros: I will love to be part of your team
Cons: Will do my best

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I Have Good Interspersonal Skills ,I am Able To Work Under Pressure

I work Monday to Friday We Have A Good relationship because we help each other when someone needs help I've learnt to work hard for what you want and do your best always I enjoy working with people who are not lazy and they know what they want

Pros: Clerk
Cons: 905

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