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Am a fast learner and am willing to explore the Company. and i want to expand my exprience.

I am very interested in this post as I believe that I have the right combination relevant industry experience, and also a good asset to your company, I feel that your company is the type of organization in which I would excel, and I am convinced that my background, experience and qualification would make me a perfect fit for your vacancy.

Pros: I can be promoted at any time because am hard working and I have good listerning skills.
Cons: I can even work long hours if necesary e.g i can work over time.

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Excellent learning and development curve

Typical day at work includes spending time resolving Landlord queries either on e-mail and/or telephone. Drafting agreements, following up and chasing Landlords on outstanding matters, updating spreadsheets on status updates on pending matters. typing out letters and/or contracts. Updating system with property data. liaising with internal stakeholders on property related queries whether on phone or by e-mail. Filling, archiving finalized matters. uploading onto the PMS system finalized agreements. Assisting auditors, stores and internal stakeholders with their lease requests. Liaising and assisting foreign stores in obtaining their trade licences. I have an open and great relationship with my co-workers.

Pros: great for learning and obtaining experience
Cons: no room for growth and/or promotions

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I've learned a multiple skills and mostly multitask and organizing

Retail is a place of hard work multitask and customer service. A place for friendly bubbly people because a happy employee makes a happy customer. Even though o I keep my work ethic. n my experience my salary didn't make me happy I made sure to

Pros: Medium
Cons: 8 hours a day

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Great learning culture

Strategic direction Reputation management, providing guidance and council to C-suite management on reputation matters. Drive communications and stakeholder relations for the group

Pros: Great benefits, challenging environment
Cons: Long working hours

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Overall great place to work

Working hours were good. Lots of opportunity to learn but to reember that People have been there very long and dont really want to change their old methods. The senior managers were good at recognising and giving appreciation for talent

Pros: Lots of opportunity to learn
Cons: People have been there very long and dont really want to change their old methods

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Excellent Scope of Work

Manage Rebates and Recons. Relationship is good with colleagues. Learnt to be rely on people at all times and work as a team. I enjoy month end planning The varied day with meetings and admin as well as monthly deliverables makes my job challenging Excited to know what is the job expectation and then to meet this expectation each month

Pros: Been with the Co for 8 years
Cons: No room for growth

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