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What I enjoy most being at work.

I am a hard worker, I like keeping me up to date with new technologies within the field. I grab every opportunity that comes my way but most of all I learn, evolve and develop each day so that I am not the person I was yesterday. I am a people's person and I like working within multidisciplinary teams where the results impact the bottom line.

Pros: I will be part of multidisciplinary teams that will improve my decision making skill and I will also add value to the kind of work that is typically done on a daily basis but equally so I will be sharing the knowledge I have acquired academically and from the previous employers but most of all I will be learning new things as to how the real world engineering problems and how do I apply the theoretical information I learnt.
Cons: What I like most is that I believe whenever duty calls for working long hours it's simple because there is a crisis that has to be addressed and fixed during that and it's not always the case of daily job.

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Miss Mila is a very reliable person, who works very well under pressure

Working at the ECDOE has given me a breakthrough, i have worked with different personalities: 1. Employees that bring to work their personal issues, 2.Employees that do not comply, 3.Employees that complain all the time about petty issues, 4.Employees that when you ask them for information they do not give feedback on it. I have Learned so much and i am very much greatfut. there were times that i wanted to just stay home and not go to work because of the challenges i encounter on the day to day basis, but because of my pation i wake up and go to work.

Pros: there is a very high posibility of getting promoted
Cons: no long working hours

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