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Learning curve and a plateau in my career

Every morning you will print your stats, capture payments as per statements received from schemes, query outstanding accounts/payments. Liase with clients to follow up on outstanding information or do courtesy calls. Team work is outstanding, very bubble and fun team members. I have experienced the important of working even closer with your team members in a small office. I enjoyed dealing with different people and having an opportunity to assist new employees with training. It has been quite challenging to deal with management who do not have an open door policy to staff members

Pros: Excellent team work
Cons: Minimun career growth

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I would like to get at least a 13th cheque

I am always focus on my work, i am a problem solver I am a excellent medical administrator. I am excellent on a computer i know my way around it nothing i dont know on a PC

Pros: No bonus
Cons: no bonus

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Exciting challenges and New things to Learn.

Working at emd is very interesting.There are always new things that one learns,you deal with different Drs with different personalities and specialities.Theres always a new challenge. I enjoy reconciling and sorting out claims that seemed impossible to sort out. Its very challenging when one tired to get the work Done but Doctors and receptionists are not working together with you. Im a very friendly person,I try to help wherever I can and also believe that teamwork can take a company far.

Pros: Being up to date with the medical aid and doctor environment
Cons: No growth

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Excellent learning curve

I have a good relationship with my co-workers I have learnt a lot when it comes to reconciling accounts as well as querying and also telephone manner I have really improved . I enjoy the team work we have at the company When our clients are being difficult

Pros: I am allowed to express myself
Cons: long working hours

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