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Great Communication Skills, Confident

My KPI's are consistently met. I feel I have grasped the internal and external processes involved in order to resolve queries, satisfy customers and uphold great relationships with my peers, not only efficiently but effectively too. With that said, I believe the role on offer will not only be suited for me, but it will benefit customers as well, due to having someone who is pro-active in dealing with queries relating to other departments.

Pros: Great opportunity for growth and experince
Cons: Pressure of working in a small team

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Opportunity for growth

The company is small so employees do get a lot of assistance from the higher ups which is nice. The day to day is pretty okay and simple to get through, as long as you keep busy and know what to do.

Pros: Great opportunities for growth
Cons: Long hours and scarcely separated off days

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Excellent Learning Curve

This has been my first sales position and i have learned how to manage sales and administration of retail work such as Inter Business Transfers, Receiving, processing sales data and replenishing.

Pros: Great opportunity for growth
Cons: Long working hours

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