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Have been in the food industry for the last 24 years

Have been in the food industry for the last 24 years, started my career in the hotel industry where I worked as a Food and Beverage Manager/ Controller. then moved over to the hospitality sector working at KFC and have been promoted from a restaurant manager to a training coach position. Have the necessary experience of customer satisfaction and driving sales. Been responsible to train and development trainees into new job role. Able to coach and support the team and company on ways forward of becoming a better company. Involved in recruiting of external candidates and some have key position in the company. Help to make people to 'think out of the box' so that they can be able to handle any situations - mature thinking. Coach on career development and help in this process to become leaders and take on the ownership role in their jobs to produce better results that will help to expand or grow the company or business

Pros: career growth
Cons: travelling long distance

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Excellent learning curve

A typical day at work for me would be checking the roster in order to go on my work station. If I'm a cashier I check what stock is not on hand and why,then ask for altnetives from my superiors. I then count my float and start helping customers by taking their orders,if my packer is struggling I then step in and helping packing when I'm done taking everyone's order so that they cannot wait too long for their food.This job has helped me to boost my confidence because I was a shy and quiet person but now I can make conversations with customers and other colleagues. I get the chance to see different colleagues who some are hard working, others lazy and different attitudes so I now know how to address different personalities.What I enjoy the most is we are always cracking jokes of everything. The most challenging thing is when I try to help a fellow colleague he/she taking it the wrong way thinking that I want to always shine therefore disregarding my assistance.

Pros: Great opportunity for promotion
Cons: Less hours (less salary)

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Excellent work conditions

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Pros: monthly & annual bonuses
Cons: too many procedures

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My experience

We are working flexi hours, balance between life and family. we are able to work from home and make sure all your projects are done. Team player and we also create fun in doing. we recognize each other, celebrate achievement, and we motivate each other. KFC culture and being your best self, given the opportunity to express yourself and development and also having confident in what you are doing. Bringing fun at work and also do your best in your relationship, You are given the opportunity to give an input.Excelling in your own space and being given a platform to develop yourself. is when you need things from people and they give excuses while your work depends on them.

Pros: yes the are opportunities for growth
Cons: Flexi hours

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Great place to work!

Typical work is filled with emergencies that get one's head spinning at a rate you can't even imagine. It's a good adrenaline rush for me! YRI is very dynamic, and has great coaching programmes to develop their own.

Pros: Flexi hours
Cons: Awkward standby hours

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Great learning curve

Day to day as an assistant manager dealing with customers,customer complains ensuring customers are happy,to dealing with my fellow supervisor, going to to check and order stock from.our suppliers,ensuring that maintainances is maintained and call the maintanaimce people where needed,ensurig mystaff is happy, unirform still in good condition to can serve customers.

Pros: Great opportunity for growth
Cons: Long hours sometimes

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