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Excellent Training and Learning curve

I enjoy working for my company and most likely the work i am doing as well as my relationship with my co workers is awesome, i have learnt a lot of things that have taught me what it means to handle the our customers, my Team as well as personal growth as an individual and as well as use at my own home, therefore i am a better person because of the things that i have learnt attending the workshops like High Impact Coaching and Heart styles. I have enjoyed mostly working with people and the challenges that i have been through made me a very strong and better person who is willing to face anything without fear and with confidence, the most challenging aspect of my job is when we are not making the sales and when the team is not happy accepting changes and when i feel like i am failing.

Pros: Great opportunities for Developing
Cons: None

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Great opportunity to to grow and very structured. Long hours no time to spend with family must work 217or more hours in a month and too much work to be done.

Pros: Growth opportunity
Cons: Long working hours

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Exellent learning curve

I enjoy working with everyone including my bosses and other staff members.We know the value of the customer as the customer walks in by the door.We deliver the best customer experience in the country.

Pros: Great opportunity for growing my career
Cons: Long working hours

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