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A programming student who can easily adapt to whatever working conditions.

I have been working with YSA since 02 February 2016 till now . my job was to solder mobile PCBs ,creating Android apps,and telecommunication. i have had a strong relationship with my co-workers to reach a point where i have created a website for them called GR8 the website was to advertise our job like OLX . i have learnt how wireless communication works and also signal rectification operate using spectrum analyzer. The part that i have enjoyed the most is when we were doing mobile base stations and how mobiles operate.Soldering PCBS, Network Base station, creating android Apps, Creating GR8 Website (Which is not yet done). The most challenging part was to solder or remove plastic components on the PCB and also working with spectrum analyzer for analyzing mobile frequency. we were also working with used mobile infect we were fixing mobiles for other companies like Vodacom and for other shops that sells mobiles

Pros: There is high chances of promostion
Cons: Long working hours

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