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I Rochelle would like to be assosciated with a well established company to develop and grow.

I Rochelle Adonis is a very dedicated motivated and consistent individual wo like to complete task timeously and do things to the best of my ability to satisfy clients and deliver excellent service delivery. I am also very keen to complete my degree and would like to work for a well established company to further my career and enhance my skills. A typical day at work for me must be to deliver good and quality service that would place the company involved in a good space where integrity good standards and values are important and exercised. I love working with people and like to resolve queries to satisfy clients. I excel under pressure and time management is of the essence to output volumes.

Pros: i believe that a degree would put me in a good space to achieve a position in management one day
Cons: long working hours

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Good skills

My daily work start at 8:00 am - 17:00pm. Every day I learn something new. My relationship with my colleges is excellent as I work with every department in my work place we also solve problems together when it comes to our clients are aim is to keep our clients happy. We keep our personal feelings aside when it comes to our work. So we are working good in a team don't get me wrong I can work independently also. The most thing I enjoy in my working place is to keep the clients happy to see that they get they order on time and to ensure that they get they correct stock.

Pros: New clients
Cons: salary

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