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I'm doing Marketing, IT Support manager, Graphic designer and web developer

I like working with people to solve problems because team work always win. To achieve more we need to put more effort than expected from us. Its a good company as we are given the chance to explore our career path and work on our goals as we will be growing the business to a better and bigger company.

Pros: Getting to know my field well and being able to assist emplyees around the work envirnment
Cons: Typical employees who needs attention even though they are not doing anything.

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Great learning curve

It was wonderful working for the company. Working as a team had great advantages.There was success rate of projets been completed timeously. I normally worked 8 hours a day from 07:00 am to 16:30 pm.I learnt a lot when it comes to contracts management drafting of contracts.I really enjoyed the drafting aspects of contracts and its interpretation thereof.I also enjoyed helping on the debt counselling division as debt administrator whenever opportunity arised.The most challenging part of the work was when swamped with load of work which needed to be completed within a short period of time which gave me an opportunity to learn more about time management and team work which produced wonderful results.

Pros: Great opportunity for promotion.
Cons: Ample time for personal development

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