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I am applying for this position because I enjoy working with different kinds of people and I have 6 years unbroken retail experience which involves working with different kinds of people. I have learn some much on how to deal with different individuals, I also have worked as the Acting manager for a duration of 6 months which I have prove my ability to grow and to be the leader. Having me as the team member is not a regret and i am looking forward to join the team. Thank you Lwandiso Nkalane

Pros: I'm willing to grow
Cons: I am used on working long retail hours

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Profitable experience

Was indeed an excellent learning curve,as Yde is a retail company that gives an opportunity to be cross trained.You get to be exposed in different fields/department of the business and you get to challenge yourself as to perfect all aspects of the business. Working with different personalities,motivating and dealing with individual disciplining, grooms you to a better leader.Dealing with different nations of customer resolving small to big issues with a goal to make each customer happy. Lastly making sure the business is profitable.

Pros: Best learning experience
Cons: Long hours worked

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