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Challenging your mindset

I no longer work at the above company but I will give a brief overview of my experience at the company. The company I use to work for was a fun yet challenging job. It was more of a training program. Every morning we would go to the office first to discuss how we were going to start our day and to get that daily motivation. Then we would go to our assigned malls using our own money on a daily basis. My relationship with my co-workers was fairly good although there were conflicts like at any other company but what matters most is self motivation and self-discipline. I enjoyed the daily motivation we would receive every morning from each other and meeting different customers, putting a smile on their faces and being thanked for my service. The most challenging part was travelling to different malls and not having money to travel since it was only commission based but the company taught me to keep going with a positive mind-set and to know why you're doing what you're doing, known as YOUR WHY FACTORS.

Pros: Quick opportunity for growth and mental growth
Cons: Long hours and no basic salary

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The vibe is very positive yet something doesn't seem right when it comes to getting paid and application validations iv heard that they are validating them and not paying us for all of them that's how the managrs earn 50000 a month or more!! Yet we raise money for charity!!

Pros: good money
Cons: its charity

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Great company to work for, as an entry level candidate.

To work for this company is great, can be stressful too. As you are expected to recruit sales agents daily. (daily interviews) The relationship with co-workers are excellent, everyone is always there should you need help. I've learnt that I am capable to work in a team setting and work alone as well. I enjoyed meeting new people everyday, as interviews happened daily. The most challenging aspects would be capturing data and preparing for interviews, searching for queries all at once, but I have always managed to succeed. This is honestly a great company to work for.

Pros: you are able to show, that you are capable to grow the office branch by your own recruiting of agents
Cons: you work by yourself as the only administrator in the Cape Town branch

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Excellent learning curves

The following are highlights of my qualifications and accomplishments. • I have worked for Royal Marketing SA. • I have worked for YouCo Holdings (Marketing). • I have worked for Mr. Price. • I have worked for Idols RSA. • I have good communication skills both verbal and written. • I follow instructions very well. • I work as part of a team. • I am undoubtedly a hard worker. • I have the ability to work under pressure. • Very flexible with any working hours. • Strong interpersonal skills. • I am well equipped with Ms Office (all programs). I’ve been working for Royal Marketing SA, for the past three years; I’ve gained valuable knowledge and skills on how to deal with different kinds of individuals at different levels, utilizing a variety of communication skills. Working for Youco Holdings taught me the following fundamentals: Great attitude, Work ethic, Student Mentality and Problem solving (Solution Orientated).

Pros: Great opportunity for growth
Cons: mismangement

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Excellent learning experience

Given the oppurtunity to handle face to face marketing events and build relationships with customers. The graduate programs expands your knowledge in the marketing system and gives you the ability to apply it in the field aswell.

Pros: Builds confidence
Cons: Bad salary and travelling

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Excellent communication skills

Hi, i am Hollyness Gumede 22 years old i complete my matric in 2014, i went to icollege for Public Administration course i have two years Receptionist experience at Youco Holdings. I have a good customer services,excellent communication skills and computer skills. I have positive attitude and i am current looking for such an oppotunity in order to grow my career.

Pros: good working hours
Cons: good salary

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Great experience and motivation

At Youco holdings i enjoyed the fact that they gave teachings on becoming successful in life, i also participated in giving some of the teachings, on a day to day basis i used to encourage my team and gave them strategies on how they can meet their targets. Work environment wise it was always about who is the best in terms of team and sales, so we always had healthy competition, my mangers like my ambition an my spirit of working hard. The most thing i enjoyed about my job is the office we used to play music and have fun. most challenging part about my job was the customers who were rude.

Pros: Ecxitement
Cons: hours were very long

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Improvement in leadership skills.

More good at team work. Plan more do less achieve more. Concentrate on what works then the sooner you find it use it as an advantage. Learn from everyone. Focus on development on daily basis. It's either you teach or you learn everyday. No day passes with the same results as what was done yesterday. Different day ,different results,great achievements.

Pros: Leadership
Cons: Eight

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That's the most important part because I am not perfect,I have to learn to be perfect

At work everything is great money plus comm,stuff is so friendly though the is always be those you don't get along with in any environment you in. What I mostly learn is that be good to everyone because you don't know where tomorrow brings you,so I better be good to the people in the way of good living as I surely will need then on my down falls

Pros: It's not easy way to get promoted in a call center with a lots of people
Cons: Long hours is not a problem because they save me when am not on month to date

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