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Excellent learning curve

I am a Process Instrumentation and control graduate who is passionate about making change to society. I am an individual who is passionate about making a change to society. Dedicated, enthusiastic and loyal. Analyst, strategic thinker. Proactive with a focus on solutions.I am adept at handling multiple tasks daily and completely and working well under pressure. I am great at time management, always energetic and ready to learn new things.

Pros: Great opportunity for promotion
Cons: Long working hours

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Excellent learning curve, more experience to be gained.

I have learned a lot about a power station, about the rules of working in a power station as I was working underneath a power station inside the tunnels.I now know why is safety so important on site. I have also improved my team work skills, I can now work well with team members because communication is key when working as a team.

Pros: I get paod for over time.
Cons: unexpected changes in work schedule

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Stable company

Sales and marketing Strong technical team Pro active team members New technologies Long standing company Corporate culture Opportunity exists for promotion Global corporate

Pros: Stable work environment
Cons: None

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At Yokogawa I'm a trainee technician. Most of the time I worked with qualified employees, building a good relationship. I learnt a lot about instruments, fault finding, calibration and systems. I enjoyed working independent, learnt more by myself and ask if I got a problem that I don't have enough information to solve.

Pros: brillant opportunity
Cons: 8 hours a day

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